U.S. Sales Tax Concerns for Small Ecommerce Businesses


Is What You Don't Know About the Latest
Ecommerce Sales Tax Laws Putting You at Risk?

Staying on top of economic nexus and sales tax laws can be a tall order for even the savviest ecommerce businesses and accounting professionals. But for smaller online retailers, the increasingly complex and constantly changing legislation introduces a unique set of headaches. Join Webgility's Laura Hercher and an expert industry panel as they break the issue down with an informative and lively discussion.

Director of Finance
Halstead Bead, Inc.
Founder & CEO
VM Wasek
Chief Operating Officer
What You'll Learn:

Gather expert insights on the unique sales tax concerns for small ecommerce businesses and accountants, including how U.S. economic nexus and sales tax laws have changed, and what this means for online sellers.

Learn the number-one mistake small ecommerce businesses make when it comes to sales tax preparation, and how they can take specific steps all year round to lessen worry and boost compliance.

Explore why collaboration between sellers and accounting professionals is key, where to go for the latest sales tax legislation information, and how thoughtful use of technology can automate some of the busywork at filing time.

About the Speakers:
Brad Scott

Brad Scott is the Director of Finance at Halstead Bead, Inc., a family-owned ecommerce wholesaler supplying jewelry businesses worldwide. Brad handles Halstead's multi-state sales and income tax registrations, filings, reconciliations, and all other accounting needs. He also leads Halstead's legislative advocacy efforts to achieve multi-state sales tax uniformity and simplification, with the objective of making compliance requirements for remote sellers less onerous. READ MORE

Alex Oxford

Alex is the founder of TaxValet, a sales tax firm that eliminates the hassle and risk of ecommerce, and software companies. Alex and his team oversee sales tax for over 12,000 sales and use tax returns each year. READ MORE

Veronica Wasek, CPA

Veronica is an entrepreneur, influencer, educator, and CPA. She is the CEO and Founder of VM Wasek – a firm specialized in accounting and consulting for Shopify & Amazon sellers. Veronica runs the 5 Minute Bookkeeping YouTube channel, blog, and Facebook community, and also operates an online academy for bookkeepers and accountants, 5MB Academy. She is advanced certified in QuickBooks Online, and has been named a Top 100 and Top 10 QuickBooks ProAdvisor. READ MORE

Soon-Chul Choi, CPA

Soon-Chul is a Certified Public Accountant and the Chief Operating Officer at Webgility. He started his career in public accounting at Ernst & Young, and has held accounting and finance roles at Broadcom, Viewsonic, Wells Fargo, and Schwab. Soon-Chul single-handedly manages Webgility’s financial systems and reporting by combining his 15+ years of industry experience with accounting software automation across multiple applications. READ MORE

Laura Hercher

Laura is a Senior Channel Account Manager at Webgility. She has extensive experience helping CPAs, accountants, and other financial advisors streamline their technology and workflows. While she has worked with firms of all sizes, Laura’s passion is empowering small businesses to thrive by implementing a strong collaboration between their accounting professionals, technology, and analytics. READ MORE