Are you an omnichannel retailer — or hope to become one? Don't miss profitability hacks from a Shopify expert!

Today's retail marketplace is changing at a breakneck speed. Savvy businesses are rapidly embracing omnichannel commerce to meet consumer demands and capitalize on shoppers who are more engaged, show increased loyalty, and spend more. Unfortunately, offering a seamless customer experience across multiple physical and digital channels is not for the faint of heart. Join Shopify’s own Sean Buckley as he dives into the key challenges for omnichannel sellers, and offers actionable solutions for staying ahead of the pack.

What You'll Learn:


Why creating a unified customer experience is crucial to omnichannel success, and secrets for offering a seamless brand journey in both the digital and physical worlds


How the fastest-growing Shopify retailers are overcoming omnichannel chaos, building brand loyalty, and fueling sales


The dangers of omnichannel data loss, and tips for building a truly integrated ecommerce tech stack that leverages insights and maximizes profitability

About the presenter and host:

Sean Buckley

Sean Buckley

Retail Partnerships Lead, Shopify


Shopify is an all-in-one commerce platform that powers over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide. Sean works in Shopify’s Retail Practice, where his team is on a mission to improve commerce for everyone. His primary focus is helping merchants unify their in-store and online sales with tools that set them up for the future of retail. As such, Sean obsesses over the problems merchants face day to day — taking a “merchant first” approach to every project.

Anati Zubia

Anati Zubia

Vice President of Marketing, Webgility


Webgility is the number-one ecommerce accounting automation platform for high-growth online retailers and accounting professionals. Anati leads Webgility’s Marketing team, and is dedicated to helping customers, partners, and industry influencers prepare for the next generation of ecommerce by increasing productivity, predictability, and profitability.