Seamlessly connect PayPal with your ecommerce business’ accounting software to track payments, fees, taxes, and more.


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PayPal QuickBooks Integration

How Webgility integrates with PayPal

Do less work tracking PayPal fees

Make manual data entry a thing of the past. Automate and record PayPal fees, marketplace fees, expenses, and shipping costs for your online store orders.

Reduce errors and inefficiencies

Technology removes the margin of error, but you can easily double-check for accuracy. Automatically find fees by matching ecommerce orders against your PayPal data.

Take control and grow faster

Know exactly where your money is and where it’s going. Webgility shows a true picture of your performance and profitability at an order and item level.

Key benefits

Automatically recorded paypal fees
Automatically recorded PayPal fees

Webgility integrates with PayPal and online sales channels to
help you keep track of fees and expenses.

Up-to-date financial information
Up-to-date financial information

Income is recorded with each transaction or each payout
in real-time so your books are always current.

Connect to your money and your business
Connect to your money and your business

Data from all your sales channels, payments, and shipping systems
are in one organized, easy-to-use dashboard so you're in control.

About PayPal

PayPal has remained at the forefront of the digital payment revolution for more than 20 years. By leveraging technology to make financial services and commerce more convenient, affordable, and secure, the PayPal platform is empowering more than 375 million consumers and merchants in more than 200 markets to join and thrive in the global economy.

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Put your ecommerce accounting on autopilot?
Are you ready to put your ecommerce accounting with
PayPal on autopilot?

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“For years I spent many hours manually adding transactions to Quickbooks. As my business grew my accounting became sloppy. I needed a better solution. I tried a local accountant but they had no clue how to integrate Shopify, PayPal and Amazon sales, shipping and fees into Quickbooks. Accounting used to be a time-consuming headache for me and it appears that Webgility has solved my dilemma.”

— Hummingbird Market of Tucson

hummingbird market
“This nifty app is now saving me hours of manual entry each month. Thanks to Webgility, I get to spend more time in my studio.”

— LothLorien Stewart, Mostly Sweet Jewelry

Mostly Sweet Jewelry

Webgility integrates with major ecommerce platforms,
marketplaces, payment processors and shipping solutions.

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