Webgility for Magento

Compatible with Magento V2.0 and above.

Post Magento orders to QuickBooks automatically.

Save time and money with Magento accounting automation. Webgility connects to your store and QuickBooks to download and post orders as estimates, invoices, sales orders, or sales receipts directly to your accounting system.

Group transactions and post them as journal entries, or post them individually.

Post Magento orders by selected date range or by order status.

Schedule automatic updates for up to date and accurate books.

Post Magento orders to QuickBooks automatically.

Stay on top of supply with Magento inventory sync.

Avoid expensive inventory mistakes like stockouts and overstock, and reap the rewards of improved customer experience. Webgility keeps prices and quantities synced between Magento, QuickBooks, and anywhere else you sell.

Set the Webgility Scheduler to auto-update your inventory at your preferred frequency.

Transfer simple products from QuickBooks to Magento or the other way around.

Plan ahead with inventory forecasting

Stay on top of supply with Magento inventory sync.

Get all your KPIs in one place.

Stop trying to piece together all your performance data from multiple channels and sources. Analytics gives you access to 60+ metrics so you can make smarter decisions and improve efficiency.

Focus on the products and channels with the highest returns.

Anticipate what’s ahead with revenue forecasting.

See where your customers are shopping on interactive heat maps.

Get all your KPIs in one place.

Banish the busywork.

Let Webgility handle your tedious workflows so you can grow your Magento business.

Amazon - Banish the busywork

See a detailed list of the features Webgility provides.

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“By connecting our apps and automating so many processes, Webgility’s automation lets us minimize the number of tasks and responsibilities on each employee’s plate.”

— LugBug

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“Webgility has a quality-to-price ratio that is very hard to beat, and it is backed by friendly and fast technical support.”

— The Wine Cellarage

The Wine Cellarage

Why Magento?

Build multi-channel commerce experiences for B2B and B2C customers on a single platform.

Why Magento

About Magento

Magento successfully integrates digital and physical shopping experiences, delighting customers. In addition to its flagship open source commerce platform, Magento boasts a strong portfolio of cloud-based omnichannel solutions including in-store, retail associate, and order-management technologies.


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Magento Commerce: Subscription
Accounting Platform: QuickBooks
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