Connect QuickBooks and Square for streamlined online, in-person sales

Webgility’s Square and QuickBooks integration connects your point of sale to your stores, sales channels, shipping platforms, and more. Whether customers buy online or in-person, Webgility streamlines all order, inventory, and tax details between QuickBooks and Square.

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Track and record Square fees

Connect QuickBooks to Square and say goodbye to manual data entry. Webgility automatically records Square fees, marketplace fees, shopping cart fees, and shipping system fees and posts them to your QuickBooks. Reconcile easily and get a closer look at what’s cutting into your profit margins.

Reduce accounting errors

Let automation technology handle the busywork. Accounting automation makes it easier to match orders from your online sales channels against your Square POS data.

Access essential analytics in one dashboard

Webgility’s intuitive business analytics dashboard consolidates data from all your stores, sales channels, payment processors, and shipping systems. Stay organized and in control and monitor sales, payments, profitability, and shipping processes to make more informed decisions.

Simplify month-end closing and sales tax filing

Webgility collects sales tax from all your sales channels, records it, and neatly organizes it into your accounting platform. Close your books monthly, and make tax filing easier.

Optimize cash flow and understand profitability

Webgility tracks and records income, expenses, and fees with every payout. Get a crystal-clear view of your COGS, cash flow, profitability, and your business’s financial health without endless spreadsheets.



FAQs about the Square-QuickBooks integration

Yes! Square integrates with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop via ecommerce automation solutions like Webgility. 
For QuickBooks Online customers:
1. Sign in to your Webgility for QuickBooks Online account.
2. Go to Settings > Connections and select the plus sign (+) in the Sales Channel column.
3. Select Square and Continue.
4. Enter your Square login credentials to complete the POS integration.

For QuickBooks Desktop customers:
1. Sign in to your Webgility for QuickBooks Desktop account.
2. Open Integrations > Stores > Add Stores.
3. Select Square from the “Select store type” dropdown, name your store, and select Continue.
4. Enter your Square account credentials. 
5. Select Continue in Webgility.
6. Enter your business contact information and select Continue to complete the POS integration.

It costs anywhere from $109 to $399 per month on an annual plan for a Square-QuickBooks integration through Webgility, depending on your plan, business needs, and QuickBooks. 

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“You can’t run a good growing business without knowing where your operation data lies. We have confidence in Webgility taking care of that portion so we’re able to free more time to help our customers.”
Chan Stimart
Chan Stimart
President, Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math Resources
“I'd recommend Webgility to anybody that's using Ecommerce. It's simple: You're gonna save time, you're gonna save money, and it's easy to use. Why wouldn't you use it?”
Alec Avedissian
Alec Avedissian
Co-Founder, Rareform
“We went from $1.9 million to $5.5 million in revenue and now process over 10,000 online orders a month. You cannot truly scale any online business without Webgility’s automation.”
Dan Wells
Dan Wells
Owner, Bases Loaded

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