Connect Etsy to QuickBooks
Grow your Etsy business with features to maximize productivity and profitability.


Download and post Etsy orders to QuickBooks

No spreadsheets, no problem. Simply choose how to categorize Etsy orders — as sales receipts, sales orders, invoices, or estimates — and sit back as Webgility's QuickBooks integration posts the data for you.

Take your pick between journal entries or transaction-level posts.

Manage discounts, coupons, payment methods, and card types with QuickBooks.

Select date range or order status and post to QuickBooks accordingly.

Automatically download and record refunds to QuickBooks.


Sync product prices and quantities

Simplify Etsy inventory management. Webgility keeps inventory levels and prices synced between your stores and QuickBooks so you never oversell.

Set Webgility to update your inventory on your preferred schedule and frequency.

Transfer inventory, non inventory, other charges, and services from Etsy to QuickBooks.

Track growth potential with inventory forecasting.


See your business performance metrics

Get actionable business analytics insights into your Etsy products, customers, and other KPIs. Then, focus your efforts on the activities that are generating the most return on your investment.

Immediately identify top performing products and channels.

Forecast revenue for more accurate cash flow projections.

See your sales on customer location heat maps.

How to connect Etsy to QuickBooks
Watch the video below to learn how easy it is to connect QuickBooks and Etsy.


See a detailed list of Webgility's Etsy automation features 

“The response time in order processing is much quicker with automation than it would be if it was all manual. The way I see it, Webgility is strategically located in the automation of commerce around the world.”
Barry Samson
Owner, Buddy Ventures International
“Webgility saves me so much time from manually entering new items and orders. It helps keep accurate inventory and, best of all, the support is second to none! Support is always there to help, and I have never been disappointed in the six years I have been using the app.”
De Anna Thompson
Owner, Apparel Garden Boutique
Alpacas of Montana logo
“Webgility has saved us not only time and money from its automation but minimizes manual mistakes. We have used it for years for our small business and love it.”
Sarah Pierzina-Budd
Alpacas of Montana

Why Etsy?

Sell on a global online marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items.

About Etsy

Etsy, Inc. operates two-sided online marketplaces that connect millions of passionate and creative buyers & sellers around the world. Our primary marketplace,, is the global destination for unique and creative goods. Buyers come to Etsy to be inspired and delighted by items that are crafted and curated by creative entrepreneurs.


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