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Sync Your Walmart Marketplace with QuickBooks

Save time and money on unnecessary data entry between Walmart Marketplace and QuickBooks or Xero. You’ve got better things to do.

Walmart Marketplace helps businesses increase sales and reach new customers. But did you know there’s an easier way to run your Walmart Marketplace business? Unify simplifies your operations so you can manage your Walmart Marketplace orders, accounting, inventory, and shipping from one place.

Integrates with QuickBooks

Unify integrates your Walmart Marketplace account with QuickBooks

One big, happy family

  • Post sales data and expenses into QuickBooks automatically
  • Sync and record orders as a sales receipt or invoice in QuickBooks
  • Post all marketplace expenses and fees as bills or paid checks with proper accounting
  • Track sales tax accurately with QuickBooks
  • Enjoy full flexibility to specify deposit accounts, transaction classes, etc.
  • Post all transaction details including payment method, discounts, promotions, and more
  • Automatically create missing customers and products in QuickBooks
  • Enjoy accurate accounting and full reconciliation with no manual data entry from any platform or marketplace

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small business inventory management

Manage inventory on Walmart Marketplace

Organize it all and sleep like a baby

  • Automatically sync price and quantity between Walmart Marketplace and QuickBooks or Xero - Coming soon to Beta
  • Manage, sync, track, and expand Walmart Marketplace (and multi-channel) inventory to avoid overselling, backorders, and bad reviews - Coming soon to Beta

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e-commerce multi-channel management

Operate with maximum efficiency

Embrace your inner beast mode

  • Integrate with more than 85 marketplaces, platforms, and businesses systems
  • Manage orders, customers, products, and accounts from a single dashboard
  • Stop wasting time and money on data entry

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HitRECord-Webgility customer review
Unify helped us get our Shopify and QuickBooks Online in sync quickly during a critical period. It's a great solution!
—Wayne Robbins, HitRECord
Unify customer review
This nifty app is now saving me many hours of manual entry each month. Thanks to Unify, I get to spend more time in my studio.
—LothLorien Stewart, Mostly Sweet Jewelry
Unify customer review
Unify is a great product. I am now able to spend more time focusing on growing my business than manually entering transactions from my sales channels.
—Chris K. Haley,
Unify customer review
Easy as pie to use and super intuitive for eBay users of all sizes. A+ all the way!
—Scott Rodas, Socky & Jamie
Unify customer review
For the past 10 months we have been using Unify with three stores—the time we save with our books is remarkable.
—Edward Pittman, The Kershaw Store
Unify customer review
I love using Unify to integrate our Shopify sales
with QuickBooks!
—Louisa Kimble, Torchlight Jewelry

See firsthand how Unify integrates with your Walmart Marketplace store

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