Sync all ecommerce orders and transactions

Webgility securely connects your ecommerce channels to your QuickBooks account — no need to write code against complicated APIs. Just sign in to your accounting solution, ecommerce channels, and shipping platforms from Webgility. 

Order data

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Sales taxes, fees, and refunds

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 Payouts and settlements

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Product details

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Inventory counts

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Customer information

Fast, flexible data sync settings

Sync around the clock

Download and post orders on your schedule: as often as every 15 minutes or up to every 24 hours.

Customized accounting

Choose detailed accounting as your posting method, and customize how you record transactions, where you deposit funds, how you map products to QuickBooks, and more.


Orders synced daily
Transactions synced annually
GMV processed annually
“The response time in order processing is much quicker with automation than it would be if it was all manual. The way I see it, Webgility is strategically located in the automation of commerce around the world.”
Barry Samson
Owner, Buddy Ventures International
“Webgility saves me so much time from manually entering new items and orders. It helps keep accurate inventory and, best of all, the support is second to none! Support is always there to help, and I have never been disappointed in the six years I have been using the app.”
De Anna Thompson
Owner, Apparel Garden Boutique
Alpacas of Montana logo
“Webgility has saved us not only time and money from its automation but minimizes manual mistakes. We have used it for years for our small business and love it.”
Sarah Pierzina-Budd
Alpacas of Montana

FAQs about our data sync

Webgility has been a trusted Intuit QuickBooks partner since its founding in 2007. We use industry-recognized security safeguards to protect your personal information from loss, misuse, or unauthorized alteration.

Webgility also allows you to automatically delete personally identifiable information (PII) at a specified interval to keep customer data secure.  

Our promise to you:

  • We tell you how we use your information.
  • We do not sell or rent your personal information to anyone.
  • We do not share your personal information with anyone outside of Webgility for promotional and/or marketing use.
  • We tell you about our relationships with third parties.

Read our privacy policy.

In many cases, sellers can write off the cost of using Webgility and other necessary work-related business or accounting software subscriptions.

“Unless you have deducted the cost in any earlier year, you can generally deduct the cost of materials and supplies actually consumed and used during the tax year,” according to IRS publication 535.

Generally, any expense you write off should be necessary for running and maintaining the business.

The best ecommerce automation platforms pay for themselves by helping you scale productively, predictably, and profitably. It’s one of many reasons why customers love Webgility.

Webgility has been known to deliver the best estimated ROI in ecommerce data integrations and the best results in order management and multichannel retail by G2.

Use our ROI calculator for an estimate of your return.

All Webgility plans allow you to connect at least one sales channel as part of your subscription. You may incur additional charges if you connect more sales channels to QuickBooks.

However, you don’t need to start a new Webgility account to connect a new sales channel to QuickBooks. You can connect everything from one account, and there is no limit to the number of channels or apps you can connect overall.

So much!

Webgility can help automate your bookkeeping workflows to significantly reduce errors in your books and easily expand to new sales channels.

Webgility can help you gain control of your assets with real-time inventory management that updates items accounts no matter where you sell — online or in person.

Webgility can help you grow your bottom line with real-time financial reporting of expenses, cash flow, COGS, and more.