Integrate Shopify and QuickBooks
Simplify Shopify accounting and accurately track orders, taxes, and expenses. Grow your business with features that maximize profitability at your POS and in your online stores.


Sync Shopify sales straight to your QuickBooks accounting software

No more switching between your Shopify store and QuickBooks to manually enter information. Webgility's QuickBooks data sync for Shopify posts and syncs sales data to QuickBooks as sales receipts, sales orders, invoices, or estimates.

Customize your accounting method at the transaction level.

Download orders by status and date range.

Set automation rules to download and post orders as often as every 15 minutes.

Post Shopify payouts to QuickBooks automatically to reconcile Shopify sales quickly.


Save time and update inventory and pricing across channels

Avoid overselling, stocking out, and other costly ecommerce inventory management issues. Sync product prices and quantities between your Shopify store and QuickBooks, and always know what you have and its location.

Set up an automated inventory sync for Shopify.

Streamline how you transfer products and variants from QuickBooks to Shopify.

Optimize cash flow with inventory forecasting.

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Customize quantities and prices per channel.


Improve profits and performance with real-time financial reports

Webgility does more than automation. Real-time financial reports provide over 70 actionable insights, such as sales trends, top selling products, and customer locations from all your sales channels. No need to track performance separately.

Identify products and channels that provide the highest return.

Plan ahead with daily and monthly revenue forecasting.

Access interactive heat maps of where your products are selling.

Does Shopify integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes! Let us show you how easy it is to connect QuickBooks and Shopify.


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“The response time in order processing is much quicker with automation than it would be if it was all manual. The way I see it, Webgility is strategically located in the automation of commerce around the world.”
Barry Samson
Owner, Buddy Ventures International
“Webgility saves me so much time from manually entering new items and orders. It helps keep accurate inventory and, best of all, the support is second to none! Support is always there to help, and I have never been disappointed in the six years I have been using the app.”
De Anna Thompson
Owner, Apparel Garden Boutique
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“Webgility has saved us not only time and money from its automation but minimizes manual mistakes. We have used it for years for our small business and love it.”
Sarah Pierzina-Budd
Alpacas of Montana

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