Webgility for Shopify

Grow your Shopify business with features to maximize productivity & profitability.

Push Shopify order data straight to QuickBooks.

No more switching between your Shopify store and your QuickBooks file as you manually enter information. Webgility's QuickBooks integration posts Shopify orders to QuickBooks as sales receipts, sales orders, invoices, or estimates.

Choose between posting at the transaction level, or post summary journal entries.

Specify orders to download by status and date range

Set automation rules to download and post orders on your preferred schedule.

Post Shopify payouts to QuickBooks

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Keep inventory aligned across channels.

Avoid costly stockouts and overstock that damage your books—and your business reputation. Sync product prices and quantities between your Shopify store and QuickBooks so you’ll always know what you have and where it’s located.

Use the Scheduler to set up automated inventory sync for Shopify.

Transfer Products with their variants from QuickBooks to Shopify.

Optimize cash flow with inventory forecasting.

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See holistic performance data in one place.

Webgility isn’t just an automation solution. Our analytics platform, Analytics, showcases actionable insights like sales trends, top selling products, and customer locations so you can keep close tabs on business performance in real time.

Identify the products and channels that provide the highest return.

Plan ahead with daily and monthly revenue forecasting.

See interactive heat maps of where your products are selling.

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Banish the busywork.

Let Webgility handle your tedious workflows so you can grow your Shopify business.

Shopify - Banish the busywork

See a detailed list of the features Webgility provides.

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“We have used Webgility for years with a different platform, but with Shopify, Webgility is able to pull detailed credit memos, which saves us so much labor! We are extremely happy with their service.”

— UV Skinz

UV Skinz
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“I use Webgility to communicate between QuickBooks and our Shopify store,communicate between QuickBooks and our Shopify store,

— NorthStar Bison

NorthStar Bison

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Shopify is a leading global commerce company, providing trusted tools to start, grow, market, and manage retail businesses of any size. Powering over 1.7 million businesses in more than 175 countries, Shopify makes commerce better for everyone with a platform and services that are engineered for reliability and customer experience.


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Use the Shopify platform to sell online and in-store with ecommerce and POS support.

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Native tools help businesses through every step of creating
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Manage orders, finances, fulfillment, and insights from your
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