Webgility for Amazon

Grow your Amazon business with features to maximize productivity & profitability.

Automate Amazon Accounting

Make manual order data entry a thing of the past. Webgility's QuickBooks integration connects Amazon with the accounting platform. Our automation automatically posts transactions as sales receipts, sales orders, invoices, or estimates.

Enable journal entry accounting or post individual transactions.

Select date range or order status and post to QuickBooks accordingly.

Set the Webgility Scheduler to update your books when you want.

Automate Amazon Accounting

Sync inventory between QuickBooks and Amazon.

Provide a better customer experience with no more “out of stock” messages. Webgility keeps your inventory prices and quantities up to date between Amazon and QuickBooks so you’ll know what’s on hand at all times.

Use the Scheduler to choose time and frequency of updating inventory.

Sync FBA and merchant-fulfilled product prices between store and accounting.

Utilize QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory. (Webgility Desktop required.)

Enable Granular Posting: map each specific fee type to a specific expense account within your QuickBooks.

Sync inventory between QuickBooks and Amazon

Record and reconcile settlement reports

Webgility contains a summary view of the Amazon settlement report data, fees, and associates the fees with orders. This summary report will help you verify your financial data between QuickBooks and Webgility Desktop.

Select and view any downloaded settlement report and view the details of fees and refunds

View expenses and fees based on fee group such as shipment charge and item fees charged by Amazon

Differentiate order related expenses and other expenses charged by Amazon

Filter transaction and fees based on QuickBooks posting status

Record and reconcile settlement reports

See in-depth performance analytics.

Amazon’s native reporting and biweekly payouts aren’t enough to make data-driven decisions about your business. Strategize smarter with Analytics - use powerful performance analytics and insights to generate growth.

Identify your most profitable products and channels.

Stay ahead of the curve with daily and monthly revenue forecasts.

Find your customers on heat maps that show where your products sell.

Banish the busywork.

Let Webgility handle your tedious workflows so you can grow your Amazon business.

Amazon - Banish the busywork

See a detailed list of the features Webgility provides.

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“Webgility has been a great bookkeeping timesaver in posting our online orders to QuickBooks, both from BigCommerce and Amazon. If you want to save some time and paperwork I would highly recommend Webgility.”

— Cobra Head

Cobra Head
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“For years I spent many hours manually adding transactions to QuickBooks. I tried a local accountant but they had no clue how to integrate Shopify, PayPal, and Amazon sales, shipping, and fees into QuickBooks. Accounting used to be a time-consuming headache for me and Webgility has solved my dilemma.”

— Hummingbird Market

Hummingbird Market
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