Webgility online

Webgility Online Gets a New Look

Webgility Online’s latest user experience adopts a clean, modern look so that you can find the information and tools you need faster. Plus, we’ve updated the tabs and navigation highlights and improved our data visualization capabilities.

Product Chat Support
Webgility desktop

In-Product Chat Support for
Webgility Desktop Arrives

Stay connected and get the help you need via chat support from within Webgility Desktop. Select the Intercom icon in the desktop application to get started — no need to visit our website separately. Meanwhile, the latest desktop interface puts product features first.

This consolidated view can help you list and map products on your online store faster and sync prices and inventory more efficiently. Plus, you can now access Analytics from the desktop application. Finally, we’ve improved the onboarding workflow so that you don’t have to connect your accounting software immediately after adding a new store or sales channel.


Wix Integration Eliminates Commissions,
Reveals Powerful Insights


Close the loop between your restaurant, website, and accounting solution. Now, you can create a full-service restaurant website on Wix and take online orders without paying commissions.

Just download and sync Wix restaurant orders and create transactions based on order types. Differentiate between restaurant orders and other inventory items, and filter your view based on order type. Forget about the spreadsheets and hundreds of hours it takes to determine profitability each month. Webgility captures data automatically, then turns that data into powerful insights for you.

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