Webgility for Wix

Send Wix order info straight to QuickBooks.

Tired of manually entering data into accounting? Set up Webgility's QuickBooks integration, sit back, and watch it post all your Wix order information to QuickBooks as sales receipts, sales orders, invoices, or estimates.

Consolidate orders and post them to QuickBooks as one transaction.

Create purchase orders in QuickBooks.

Process offline payments.

Send Wix order info straight to QuickBooks

Take Wix restaurant orders online.

Close the loop between your restaurant, website, and accounting solution. Now, you can create a full-service restaurant website on Wix and take online orders without paying commissions.

Download and sync Wix restaurant orders.

Create different transactions based on order types.

Differentiate between restaurant orders and other inventory items.

Take Wix restaurant orders online

Simplify Wix inventory management.

You’re too busy to tally your inventory by hand. When you connect Wix to QuickBooks with Webgility, the software will automatically keep your inventory updated with every sale and return.

Update product prices and quantities with two-way sync.

Add new products to Wix via QuickBooks, or vice versa.

Set store quantity to zero for items with negative quantity in QuickBooks.

Simplify Wix inventory management

See a detailed list of the features Webgility provides.

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“I’d recommend Webgility to anybody that’s using ecommerce. It’s simple, you’re gonna save time, you’re gonna save money, and it’s super easy to use. Why wouldn’t you use it?”

— Alec Avedissian, Co-Founder at Rareform

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“You truly cannot scale any online business without Webgility’s automation.”

— Dan Wells, Owner at Bases Loaded

Bases Loaded

Why Wix?

Connect your store to channels your customers use every day.

Why Wix

About Wix

Wix began as a website development platform and has grown into a company that offers a variety of ecommerce solutions (online stores, fulfillment, dropshipping, POS) and marketing solutions (email marketing, SEO, social, Facebook ads). They serve SMBs through enterprise-level companies and have a massive 4.6 million followers.


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