Access a complete business overview in one place

Webgility uses channel- and SKU-level performance data to uncover growth opportunities – and show you where to scale back. Identify more ways to save with a complete breakdown of fees and expenses across your entire operation. Make data-informed decisions about where to invest your time and energy. 


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Take the guesswork out
of your KPIs

Performance Trends

Gain an hourly, daily, and monthly breakdown of total sales, orders, and AOV. Find out what's really driving business, and review your top products by sales and quantity. 

Profitability Reports 

What's popular isn't always profitable. Our financial snapshot weights income and expenses, while dynamic charts and tables show your net proceeds and performance by channel. 

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Actionable insights
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“You can’t run a good growing business without knowing where your operation data lies. We have confidence in Webgility taking care of that portion so we’re able to free more time to help our customers.”
Chan Stimart
President, Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math Resources
“I'd recommend Webgility to anybody that's using Ecommerce. It's simple, you're gonna save time, you're gonna save money, and it's easy to use. Why wouldn't you use it?”
Alec Avedissian
Alec Avedissian
Co-Founder, Rareform
“We went from $1.9 million to $5.5 million in revenue and now process over 10,000 online orders a month. You cannot truly scale any online business without Webgility’s automation.”
Dan Wells
Dan Wells
Owner, Bases Loaded

FAQs about our reporting features

Real-time reports are available for Webgility customers who use QuickBooksOnline and subscribe to our Pro, Advanced, or Premium plan, which starts at $99 per month when billed annually. 

Real-time reports are also available for Webgility customers who use QuickBooks Desktop and subscribe to our Advanced or Premium Plan, which starts at $199 per month when billed annually. 

Webgility Analytics gives you more than 70 actionable insights, such as: 

  • Monthly and daily sales performance
  • Monthly, weekly, and daily sales trends
  • Month-over-month and year-over-year channel performance comparisons
  • Best- and lowest-selling products in each channel
  • Products producing the highest revenue

Review analytics and reports. 

So much! 

Webgility can help automate your bookkeeping workflows to significantly reduce errors in your books and easily expand to new sales channels. 

Webgility can help you stay on top of your ecommerce business with real-time data sync for orders, expenses, prices, fees, and more.

Webgility can help you gain control of your assets with a real-time inventory sync that updates item counts no matter where you sell – online or in person.