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Sales and order insights

Sales and
order insights

Sales and order forcasting

Sales and
order forcasting

Performance by channel and product

Performance by
channel and product

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Detailed product performance

Detailed product

Business profitability


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Get a health check for your business.

Profitability isn’t just a KPI, it’s something that drives every business decision you make. From high-level gross profit trends to detailed metrics by channel, store, and product, get all the analytics you need to make data-informed decisions.

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Find your MVP products and channels.

Focus your energy on the products and channels that are giving you the most return. Whether you’re looking to get a snapshot of the current day or want to understand seasonality or trends over a longer period of time, Webgility gives you access to key metrics such as:

  • Monthly and daily sales performance by channel
  • Monthly, weekly and daily sales trends by channel
  • Month-over-month and year-over-year comparisons of channel performance
  • Best and lowest selling products in each channel
  • Products producing the highest revenue
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Plan ahead with data-backed forecasting.

Anticipate what’s ahead with daily and monthly order and revenue forecasting. View predictive data up to 14 months in the future and drill into details such as sales channel, store, fulfillment method and more.

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Analyze settlement reports.

Drill down on sales, refunds, and expenses for all your Amazon stores.

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