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Analytics support better business decisions

Profitability isn’t just a KPI. It drives every business decision you make. Webgility’s ecommerce business analytics solution provides high-level gross profit trends plus detailed metrics by channel, store, and product. Get all the business intelligence you need to boost profits and make data-informed decisions.

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Business analytics help you find your most profitable products and channels

Your most popular items aren’t always the most profitable. Focus your energy on the products and channels giving you the most return. Whether you want a snapshot of the current day or want to understand seasonality or trends over time, Webgility’s analytics solution gives you access to ecommerce metrics like:

  • Monthly and daily sales performance by channel
  • Monthly, weekly, and daily sales trends by channel
  • Month-over-month and year-over-year channel performance comparisons
  • Best- and lowest-selling products in each channel
  • Products producing the highest revenue
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Data-backed forecasting analysis prevents stockouts

Forecasting is a powerful inventory management strategy that can help you drive conversions, explore new sales channels, and optimize cash flow. Webgility’s business analytics solution helps you anticipate what’s ahead with daily and monthly order and revenue forecasting. View predictive data up to 14 months in the future and drill into details such as sales channel, store, and fulfillment method.

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Settlement report analysis keeps fees under control

Rising marketplace fees, refunds, and other expenses can cut into profits for Amazon sellers. Use the Payouts tab of Webgility’s business analytics solution to see settlements, net proceeds, settlements received, and settlements by store for all your Amazon stores.

  • Select and view any downloaded settlement report to see fees and refunds.
  • View expenses and fees based on Amazon shipment charges, item fees, and other groups.
  • Differentiate order-related costs from other Amazon expenses.
  • Filter payout and settlement data by store, product, currency, and date range.