Webgility vs A2X

Which is better for your growing ecommerce business?

So, you need a solution to make your ecommerce accounting easier. You've come to the right place.

Webgility is the trusted partner for ecommerce automation that will help you grow your business while saving you a lot of time and money. While some software, such as A2X, works for entry-level businesses, Webgility can scale with you as you grow and your business becomes more complex. Webgility can handle massive orders, multi-channel inventory, complex taxes, shipping and purchasing workflow and gives you business profitability and analytics. You won’t find these robust capabilities with any other solution.

Webgility offers plans to get you started and easily scales with you as you grow. Start with the best and never look back. And, you can try it yourself for free - no credit card required.

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The head to head

You have choices when it comes to finding an automation partner. There are free apps and subscription apps, apps designed for sellers just getting started and apps that help sellers grow and excel - and many more considerations. Your existing business and future growth needs are key factors to consider when selecting a partner.

Here's a comparison of key features offered by Webgility and A2X.

Feature Webgility A2X
Multi-channel All plans are set up for multi-channel retailers Primary single-channel focused but does offer a multi-channel plan
Integrations 43 integrations

Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Walmart, Etsy, eBay, WooCommerce, Wix, Magento, ShipStation, ShippingEasy, FedEx, UPS, Square, Stripe PayPal, Avalara, and more …
9 integrations

Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Walmart, Etsy, eBay
Accounting platforms QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Desktop QuickBooks, Xero, Sage
Implementation Free full-service implementation for all plans Support only
Track and sync online sales with automation check-filled-green check-filled-green
Automatically record shipping fees check-filled-green cross-filled-light-grey
Automatically record payment fees check-filled-green cross-filled-light-grey
Sync multi-channel inventory check-filled-green cross-filled-light-grey
Syc prices between online stores and accounting check-filled-green cross-filled-light-grey
Handle items bundles into groups or assemblies check-filled-green cross-filled-light-grey
Supports multiple payment methods check-filled-green Limited
Complex tax accounting, Avalara integration check-filled-green cross-filled-light-grey
Dropshipping workflows check-filled-green cross-filled-light-grey
Purchase order workflows check-filled-green cross-filled-light-grey
Business performance and profitability analytics check-filled-green cross-filled-light-grey

Right to the point

So, what solution is right for you?

If you’re focused on a single online store and have relatively simple accounting needs, A2X might be a good solution for you.

If you're looking for a partner that will support you from start-up to top seller in multiple channels, get in touch in whatever way works for you. We can help you build a solution that gives you the time and confidence to focus on growing your business.

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