How Webgility integrates with InsureShip

Simplify your InsureShip accounting processes

Do less accounting busywork by integrating your InsureShip account with QuickBooks and watch your ecommerce transactions automatically post to your accounting platform.

Optimize your operations workflow

Automating your accounting boosts accuracy and saves time, so you’ll eliminate the errors and inefficiencies that are holding your business back from reaching its full potential.

Automate your other business processes

Webgility isn’t limited to automated accounting. Purchasing, fulfillment, returns, refunds, and shipping workflows can be enabled so you can spend your time focused on growth.

About InsureShip

InsureShip provides shipping insurance for your online purchases if they are lost, damaged, or stolen while in transit. InsureShip is committed to shipping insurance underwriting excellence for all your business needs, has over 18 years experience in the cargo insurance industry, and provides worldwide shipping insurance coverage for all carriers.

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InsureShip account to file claims


Up-to-date business financials

Webgility posts InsureShip fees and other ecommerce expenses in near-real time so your books stay current.

Sales Receipt

No more manual data entry

Data is captured securely from InsureShip and your sales channels and flows into your accounting platform without manual effort.

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Cash flow is visualized and optimized

Income and expenses are tracked automatically so you have better visibility into your cash flow for each sales channel.

cash flow dashboard

More than 5000 customers trust Webgility to navigate the ecommerce fastlane

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“Webgility enabled us to link up not only our Shopify, Amazon, UPS, FedEx, but all the umbrella of services that we need to run our business and accounting in QuickBooks.”

— Andrew Cates, Co-Founder, Wine RayZyns

The Wine RayZyn
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“When we were a smaller company, manually inputting orders into QuickBooks and printing shipping labels via USPS Click-n-Ship was feasible. But as we grew, this manual process took more and more time. We have been using Webgility for almost a decade now (WOW!), and I honestly can’t imagine our business without it. The software is so easy to use, and their customer service is top notch”

— Paul Bielaczyc, Aradani Costumes

Aradani Costumes

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