Shipping Insurance by Webgility

Insure Your Ecommerce Shipments

Webgility Insurance is the easiest and most affordable way to insure your eCommerce shipments!

  • Very low rates: Significant savings over carrier rates and other third-party insurance
  • No set up: Webgility Insurance is already included in Webgility, with no setup process or forms to fill out
  • Easy to use: Just select the Webgility Insurance option when processing a shipment with Webgility
  • Fast claims processing: Powered by Insureship, a trusted leader in shipping insurance

USPS: $0.75
UPS & FedEx: $0.80*

Rates are per $100 of shipment value.
* UPS & FedEx cover the first $100. Webgility Insurance for these carriers applies in excess of $100

Easy and flexible shipping insurance

  • Insure FedEx, UPS, or USPS shipments
  • Choose Webgility Insurance in your default shipment settings, or select Webgility Insurance when processing the shipment
  • View a list of insured shipments in Webgility
  • Submit claims easily and get reimbursed quickly


How do I set up Webgility Insurance?
It’s already included in Webgility (starting with v.3.9.4) and set up for you! There are no forms or applications to fill out. Just select Webgility Insurance for any shipment that you want to insure.

What is covered?
Webgility Insurance covers your packages against loss or damage during shipment. Webgility Insurance can cover packages valued at up to $5000. Read the coverage details for more information.

Do I have to use Webgility insurance for every shipment?
You can choose no insurance, insurance through the carrier, or Webgility Insurance for each shipment.

How much do I save over other insurance rates?
Webgility Insurance will save you 50-70% off of carrier insurance rates! Our rates are also far below other third-party carriers. Webgility Insurance doesn’t require any upfront deposits or other hidden fees.

How do I get billed?
Webgility will bill you monthly for your insured shipments. We take care of everything except for claims processing.

How do I file a claim?
Webgility Insurance is powered by InsureShip, and they process all claims. Learn more about claims.

Do I also need to file a claim with the shipping carrier?
For USPS shipments you file directly with InsureShip. For UPS and FedEx, if you did not elect to use Webgility Insurance to cover the first $100 of the shipment, you must first file a claim with your carrier before filing with InsureShip.

Can I use Webgility Insurance with my Webgility trial account?
You need a paid Webgility subscription to use Webgility Insurance.

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I've never experienced a better customer service experience than I have with the folks I've had the pleasure of working with at Webgility.

- Rick Roberts, Zentangle, Inc.

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