Meet Palak Agrawal, Webgility’s Director of Web Operations. She is a native of Indore (M.P) and belongs to an authentic Marvadi but a progressive family who has always supported her in all her life decisions.


When she is not at work or socializing, Palak loves to take long walks and watch lifestyle and history videos. She also likes to indulge in creative activities like art and writing. She is a Microbiology graduate, which is quite a mismatch to her career, but her hunger to excel helped her push to learn and grow her UI designing skill set.

Life & Times @Webgility

Palak joined Webgility in 2010 as a UI Designer. Over the past decade, she advanced into several roles where she gave her best efforts working with several stakeholders, guiding and mentoring the UI team into what it is today. Recently she celebrated 12 years with Webgility, which is a proud moment indeed. Despite being with the organization for more than a decade, these have been the most promising work years for her.

Palak’s Reflections

“I saw my career graph moving upward every year. Webgility gave me a platform to express myself and grow, and do something out of my role. I am fortunate to have some wonderful seniors, colleagues, and subordinates who backed me and helped me excel. The company’s positive culture and growth mindset has definitely added to my continued success over the years..”

Words of Wisdom Palak passes on to us: “In the path of struggle, It doesn’t matter If I win or lose—I will accept it, learn from it, and will keep moving forward.”