It’s no secret that video has exploded in popularity over the last decade, whether you’re kicking back with the latest streaming-service reality show or watching virtual lectures for an online course. Research shows people are watching almost twice as much video online now than they were in 2018, totalling nearly 100 minutes a day. The medium lends itself to education just as well as entertainment, making it a top choice for busy entrepreneurs who want (or need) to learn new skills on their own time. And with millions of experts eager to share their knowledge in their videos, there’s no shortage of content to consume. 

All that to say: Webgility is proud to announce the launch of our Video Library, a resource center where you can learn about the ecommerce industry, the Webgility product, and much more. 


The library comprises feature demos, customer success stories, and on-demand webinars, where you’ll hear from respected professionals across commerce and finance. (Webgility Founder and CEO, Parag Mamnani, makes quite a few appearances, too.) Filter by topic, by video type, or by the version of Webgility you’d like to explore. Or, search for something specific. 

Our Video Library will be your go-to hub for learning how to navigate the complexities of online business. See you over there.

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