We’ve got a new look.

For the last 12 years, my team and I have been dedicated to building software that makes ecommerce easier for our customers. We make operations easier so they’re not busy doing tedious manual tasks that bog them down. Instead, they can focus on innovation and growth. Since 2007, we’ve helped tens of thousands of companies across the globe with ecommerce quickbooks integration and automation. Our team has grown to over 120 people, we’ve expanded to 3 offices, and our brand has earned a reputation for trust and reliability. Our customers rely on our multichannel ecommerce software to deliver accurate financial data and on our team and white-glove services to support them whenever they encounter any challenges.

Today we’re unveiling a new look and a new line of solutions that combine the power of our technology with the expertise of our team.

multi channel ecommerce softwareOur new logo symbolizes the upward trajectory that we power for customers and the mindset of growth that we bring as their technology partner. The bold colors and sharper lines in our name affirm the confidence and trust that our customers place on our team of experts to help them solve complex data and workflow challenges.

We’re launching two premium solutions today that include fully customizable software and ongoing financial advisory services. Our product and engineering teams will now provide custom development to tailor the software to your needs. And, you can rely on our staff and network of professionals to make sure your financial data is always accurate and your ecommerce financials are reconciled every month with our monthly advisory services.

Today we’re also consolidating our various product names under our brand Webgility. We are relinquishing our old product branding (Unify) and our product will now also be referred to as Webgility. These changes will begin rolling out this month.

While all these aspects are evolving, one thing remains unchanged: our commitment to our customers and our mission of empowering them to thrive in this increasingly complex and competitive ecommerce market.

I want to thank our customers and partners for all their support through these years and we look forward to sharing more about our new line of solutions in the coming weeks. Please reach out to our team of advisors at hello@webgility.com with any questions and contact us to access our new branding collateral.

Thank you!


Parag Mamnani
Founder & CEO
Webgility, Inc.
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