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Retailer Roundup

Behind every business is a story detailing the ideas, challenges, and success of the operation regardless of its scale. Most famously, Amazon and Microsoft started out of garages, but even small businesses have interesting origin stories ready to be shared. 

Who better to tell their stories than the business owners themselves? Webgility is on a mission to connect with retailers all over the country and hear about their experiences managing online stores and finding some relief with accounting automation software. These are some of our latest findings. 

Club Ride 

Selling on Amazon and Shopify Plus, with Square, and to more than 300 retailers across the U.S., mountain apparel brand Club Ride needed a solution that would seamlessly aggregate all of their data into Quickbooks & NetSuite.

Amazon accounting software did the trick by automatically and accurately posting their seller fees and marketplace sales straight into NetSuite. Now the Club Ride team…

  • Saves 50 hours per month on data entry
  • Increased order volume by 20%
  • Processes orders in 1 hour
  • Has accurate accounting, inventory, and shipping

With a few updates to the business operations, this small-town mountain bike company can now climb to higher profits. 


Eugene Toy & Hobby

When Cameron Halmrast was hired to complete an unfinished website for specialty brick and mortar store Eugene Toy & Hobby, he soon found that there was no inventory management system in place to organize the 34,000 products.

The shop was overselling, and ecommerce profits were disappearing. Cameron knew this wasn’t a job for a data entry specialist. This was a job for automation. And after his 15 day free trial, he was sold. 

Eugene Toy & Hobby is now able to:

  • Increase monthly e-commerce orders by 800%
  • Maintain accurate real-time inventory across channels and in store
  • Grow their online business by experimenting on different sales channels
  • Strategize product sales and profit margins by channel

In a post-Amazon world, it’s tough to compete, but Eugene Toy & Hobby has kept up with the best of them. 


Wedding Collectibles

How does automating financial data integration help a 30-year-old family business go digital? Just ask Carla Sancho, owner of When she brought the operation online, she was struggling to keep up with orders, accounting, inventory, and more.

Then five years ago she did an overhaul of the business, and the honeymoon finally began:

  • Order processing and shipping time was cut from 3 weeks to 1 day
  • Additional sales channels were added
  • Revenue increased by 97%

That’s called happily ever after.

Read Carla’s story about finding the perfect match for her business and saying “I Do” to boosted profits.


Honey Bee Gardens

For small cosmetics brand Honeybee Gardens, the manual data entry was becoming too much. The team was already using QuickBooks, but they were losing time and making errors by trying to do their accounting themselves. 

Honeybee Gardens then made it their mission to streamline their accounting—as a bonus, they got visibility into the business’s financial health.   

Here’s how a kitchen-lab experiment grew into an international enterprise business:

  • Produced 98% inventory accuracy through better and faster bookkeeping
  • Decreased order processing from 5 minutes to 30 seconds
  • Improved financial clarity for business planning
  • Maintained full productivity with single-day onboarding
  • Immediately integrated customer data with UPS and

Every seed needs nurturing to grow. 




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