Ecommerce growth continues to be strong and is expected to surpass 1 trillion dollars in 2023 for the first time. With the market quickly growing, many retailers are looking to optimize their business processes and adopt automation tools (such as Webgility!) to offer a stellar customer experience. 

In this quick overview of the new customer experience, we’re going to look into the three key phases you can expect after purchasing a Webgility Desktop subscription and some helpful tips as you start your Webgility journey.

Phase 1: Pre-Implementation

During this phase, your Webgility Customer Success contact will reach out to ensure you’re ready to begin with onboarding. Our Customer Success team will use this time to learn a little more about your business and your workflows and cover a checklist of items that will be necessary to begin the full configuration process successfully. We will also assist with installing your Webgility software if needed.

Phase 2: Connection & Configuration

Our implementation team will ensure the Webgility software is appropriately installed during this screen share session and tailor the software to best fit your business needs. We will connect Webgility to your accounting solution, your first sales channel, and shipping processor if needed. During this session, please note that admin credentials are required for your accounting solution and sales channels. It is also helpful to have someone familiar with your accounting system and someone who knows your current sales channel workflows on the call.

Phase 3 : Training & Launch

During this meeting, we’ll cover key automation sections of Webgility, including Accounting Workflows, Inventory Workflows, Shipping Workflows, and Webgility Intelligence. We will focus on the workflows and automation most important to your business to successfully launch the software. 

Accounting Workflows: This section covers both the manual and automated workflows for handling order downloading, posting transactions to your accounting solution, and handling expenses and fees associated with specific marketplaces and shopping carts.

Inventory Training: This section covers syncing item quantities and price with your accounting solution both manually and automatically. If needed, we will also advanced inventory training, which includes working with multiple inventory locations and other features designed to minimize overselling.

Post Implementation

After completing implementation, your Customer Success contact will schedule a check-in call to see how you’re doing with Webgility. They’ll answer any questions you have and ensure you are aware of all the additional resources included with your subscription, such as our Help Center with best practices and our award-winning customer support.
Getting your business on board with Webgility is a series of small steps to reach the business growth goal that we have seen with our customers. We offer personalized on-boarding and unlimited customer support (with a 99% satisfaction rating) to make things easy for your business.

Prefer something visual? Our ReCap playlist has how-to videos for every step of the onboarding process.

By guest contributor Esteban De La Riva