High-volume Amazon sellers have a plethora of resources available to them. Whether you prefer blogs, podcasts, or another type of content, there is plenty of media that can teach you the best strategies for running your ecommerce business. However, there is nothing quite like experiencing the community of fellow sellers and hearing advice directly from the source: people who have been in your shoes and want to help.

That’s why we’re already gearing up for next year’s trade shows and why you should be, too. One can’t-miss event is The Prosper Show, an annual conference focused on sharing best practice education and providing significant networking opportunities for established Amazon sellers. 
Here are the top reasons for attending The Prosper Show 2020.

It’s Amazon-Specific

There are many ecommerce-focused trade shows that are hosted around the country, but they generally cater to online sellers on several different platforms. The Prosper Show, however, is specifically for Amazon sellers and will address your unique needs. 

For example, one 2019 panel was called The Pain I Suffered to Build my Large Amazon Business. Sellers face many challenges while operating on Amazon’s marketplace, such as competition from the giant itself, and the panel presented an opportunity for Prosper attendees to learn from others who had undergone similar experiences.

Round Out Your Skills

Even the most seasoned Amazon sellers can improve in certain areas of business. After all, running an ecommerce store requires skills from many disciplines, especially for single-person operations and small teams. 

The Prosper Show offers presentations from specialists that you can attend and also access after the event. Some of the 2019 show’s presentations addressed the following: 

  • Social Media, Facebook Messenger is Your Next Flavor of Rocket Fuel
  • Digital Marketing, Optimize and Rank Your Amazon Listing for Google
  • Automation, Automation Every Seller Should Know About
  • HR, More than Just Compliance: HR Should Be Strategic
  • Legal, Wayfair and Sales Tax: What Do I Really Need to Know?
  • Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management in Asia – Production & Pre-Production Activities

Learn From The Best

All of The Prosper Show speakers are carefully selected to impart the most helpful knowledge to the event attendees. Past speakers have ranged from Amazon seller consultants to ecommerce attorneys. The 2019 keynote was given by Collin Colburn, an analyst at Forrester Research, one of the top sources for up-to-date ecommerce data. 

At The Prosper Show, you’ll learn from the best and get honest insight into the highs and lows of running an Amazon business.

Find Solutions To Grow Your Business

One of the highlights of The Prosper Show is the extensive list of exhibitors who attend every year to offer solutions for merchants to grow their businesses. Every Amazon seller is sure to arrive with a specific pain point in mind, and you can browse the exhibits for the right fit. From shipping and returns to accounting automation, there are dozens of options that can help you optimize your Amazon business

If past events are any indication, The Prosper Show 2020 will be full of wisdom for Amazon sellers and other ecommerce professionals. There is truly something for everyone, and attendees return home excited about taking the next steps to scale their businesses. As the event continues to grow, there is even more to look forward to at the 2020 event—we can’t wait to see what they have in store.