Webinar With Parag Mamnani and Steven Power

ecommerce Luminary Offers Perspective on How the Virtual ERP Will Impact Online Retail.

Webinar With Parag Mamnani and Steven Power
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 4, 2017:

Webgility, the leader in multi-channel ecommerce automation software, today announced that it will host a free webinar to introduce the vision and concept behind the ground-breaking Virtual ERP for ecommerce. Hosted by Webgility CEO and founder Parag Mamnani, with insightful perspective from ecommerce luminary and former BigCommerce President Steven Power, the webinar will offer details on how, for the first time ever, this new integrated network of industry-leading solutions will allow sellers to centralize operations and consolidate data. The Virtual ERP will bring easier management and higher profits to the business of selling online.

The Virtual ERP for ecommerce  is an antidote to the “app fatigue” plaguing today’s online sellers. By integrating with best-of-breed online retail systems, Webgility software anchors the Virtual ERP and brings efficiency, order, and scale to otherwise chaotic workflows and business operations. In doing so, Webgility empowers online retailers to focus on their passion rather than their operations.

In this high-level webinar, Mamnani and Power will reveal:

  • How the Virtual ERP can help sellers grow their business

  • How sellers can improve margins and really compete

  • Why the industry is now ready for the Virtual ERP for ecommerce

  • What are the best-of-breed products

  • The pain points that cause most online businesses to fail

"To be successful online, you need to focus on your product, not your process," said Parag Mamnani, founder and CEO, Webgility. "We have built our business around making ecommerce as efficient for independent sellers as it is for the Goliaths of the industry. The Virtual ERP evens the playing field like never before. We are so glad to have one of our industry’s greats, Steven Power, on hand to share all the exciting details at this webinar. It’s going to be an exciting conversation—and it’s just the beginning."

About Webgility:

Webgility is flexible, powerful ecommerce automation software that connects your ecommerce apps to your accounting solution. Connect QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop to ecommerce stores, marketplaces, and point-of-sale systems — no IT necessary. Webgility makes it easy to adopt new sales channels, so you find new customers and sell more.  

Webgility was founded in 2007. Today, it’s the No. 1 integration for QuickBooks users. The platform serves over 5,000 businesses and processes over 80 million transactions annually. All plans include free five-star onboarding and support. 


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