Webgility and Botkeeper Offer Guide for Future-Ready Accounting Pros

Award-winning ecommerce automation platform and accounting trailblazer Jody Padar pair up to explain how pros can leverage tech to build advisory-focused businesses.

Webgility and Botkeeper Offer Guide for Future-Ready Accounting Pros
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., June 24, 2021:

Here’s the hard truth: Today’s ecommerce businesses don’t need accounting pros to crunch the numbers; they’ve got automation for that. They want accountants that understand the technological landscape, and can help them translate data into a forward-looking profitability plan.

That’s why Webgility and Botkeeper have launched exclusive content dedicated to helping ecommerce accountants leverage technology to build customer relationships and provide data-driven insights. What’s Next for Your Ecommerce Tech Stack is a free, digital guide full of actionable insights future-ready accounting pros can use to upskill their games and hone their advisory skills.

“Ecommerce accounting is no longer about digging through the weeds,” says Anati Zubia, Webgility’s Vice President of Marketing. “Automation handles what accountants did in the past, so accounting professionals need to use it to their advantage and focus on advisory tasks like business analysis and growth strategies. Creating a system of integrated technology platforms enables accountants to be more productive and ultimately generate better results.”

Jody Padar, CPA and Vice President of Strategy at Botkeeper, agrees. "Ecommerce is growing exponentially and having the right tech stack is the key to profitability," she says.

In this interactive web experience, readers will learn:

  • Why the future of ecommerce accounting is rooted in digital solutions
  • The benefits of using technology to your advantage instead of fighting it
  • How to smoothly navigate into a modern advisory methodology

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