Webgility Helps Epic Mens Boost Order Volume 42% Year Over Year

Putting their data entry on autopilot helped the multichannel apparel retailer fuel efficiency and generate growth.

Webgility Helps Epic Mens Boost Order Volume 42% Year Over Year
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 2, 2021:

Forward-thinking ecommerce entrepreneurs always consider their processes when planning to scale, which is why they prioritize efficiency above all else. That was certainly the case with apparel retailer Epic Mens. Owner Shen Li recognized manual data entry as a barrier to the rapid growth of his business, so he researched accounting automation solutions before even launching the store’s online sales channels. Li needed software that would streamline his accounting and inventory management, and he needed it fast.

After scouring the market and briefly considering writing his own custom code, Li chose Webgility for its inventory sync capabilities and tight integration with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. The reliability of the software and knowledge of the support team were simply added bonuses, he says.

“We’re now able to easily sync price and inventory between the storefronts and QuickBooks,” Li says of his experience with Webgility. “Instead of doing inventory counts twice a year, we’re able to do accurate inventory counts between the warehouse and QuickBooks on a weekly basis. The syncing and reconciliation of inventory data—including which items are active in what storefront—saves a lot of manual work, and keeps inventory accurate between the two.”

Epic Mens’ notable results with Webgility include:

  • A 42% year over year increase in order volume
  • 80+ hours of manual data entry saved every week
  • The ability to efficiently process 6,000+ orders per month

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