Webgility and Onramp connect online sellers to flexible financing

Working capital loans drive revenue growth 60%.

Webgility and Onramp connect online sellers to flexible financing
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., October 12, 2023:

Webgility, the No. 1 ecommerce automation solution for QuickBooks customers, announced today that it has partnered with Onramp Funds, an innovative funding provider that supports the growth of ecommerce businesses, to connect sellers to flexible financing.

With the new partnership, current Webgility customers can access fast, easy, flexible financing and working capital critical for business growth.

"We're proud to partner with an organization that's providing essential resources and lifelines not only to Webgility customers but ecommerce sellers everywhere,” said Webgility CEO Parag Mamnani. “Connecting online sellers with working capital through a purpose-built solution is the most efficient way to help our customers fund new ideas, implement new strategies, and create new product lines to win more amid high prices and greater competition."

Plus, Onramp customers now have the opportunity to subscribe to Webgility’s award-winning ecommerce automation to manage day-to-day accounting and inventory operations.

“Webgility’s platform is tailor-made to increase efficiencies for ecommerce businesses,” said Eric Youngstrom, Onramp’s CEO. “Onramp customers can now use Webgility’s automation and analytics, which will allow them to be more streamlined in their accounting, inventory, product listings, and sales order management. Using Webgility’s business optimization tools will allow our customers to focus more on building their businesses. And Onramp will be right there for them, providing funding [that's] fueling their growth.

Onramp uses a unique customer financing model that aligns with ecommerce merchants’ sales, providing the working capital they need to properly scale their businesses through the full sales turnover cycle, including inventory purchasing, demand generation strategies, and shipping and fulfillment costs.

Webgility will help Onramp customers avoid stockouts and manage inventory between stores and warehouses. Webgility automates the flow of orders, customers, sales tax, fees, and more between a seller's POS system, online marketplaces, websites, shipping apps, and QuickBooks.


Webgility is flexible, powerful ecommerce automation software that connects your online stores, websites, point of sale system, and marketplaces to your QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop account. We make it easy to automate every business tasks, improve profitability, sell more, find new customers, and grow your business — no IT necessary.  

Webgility was founded in 2007. Today, it’s the No. 1 integration for QuickBooks users. The platform serves over 5,000 businesses and processes over 100 million transactions annually. All plans include free five-star onboarding and support. 



Onramp Funds is redefining the way ecommerce companies are funding their businesses. Based in Austin, TX, Onramp’s team is steeped in ecommerce, building tools for online businesses and helping sellers thrive with a unique repayment model that aligns with their sales. Onramp's mission is to democratize finance and empower online sellers to scale their businesses, capture their demand, and meet their dreams.

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