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Post Orders To QuickBooks or Xero

Post Orders To QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Enterprise

  • Record each order individually or summarized by day, week, month or settlement period with journal entries
  • Create sales receipts & invoices
  • Automatically update your inventory with every sale
  • Automatically create missing products
  • Record transaction details like the customer, shipping and billing address, discounts, promo codes, sales tax, shipping method, payment method, etc
  • Record every currency
  • Use class tracking
  • Accommodate group items, assemblies & bundle items
Webgility Mobile

Grow Your Business From
Anywhere With Webgility Mobile

  • Forecast your sales by total, channel or product
  • See history by day, week, month, quarter and year
  • Unlock operational insights like average order value, growth rates, inventory stock levels and revenue
  • See top-rated products at a glance
  • Drill into transactional details
  • View rich visuals for a quick view of your business metrics
  • Track tax payments by responsible party, shipping location and store
Sync Inventory

Sync Inventory

  • Keep inventory levels updated with every sale & return
  • Automatically update inventory levels when you add stock to QuickBooks
  • Sync items with variations
  • Integrate with QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory
  • Track multiple inventory sites
Inventory forecasting software

Forecast Inventory

  • Reduce stockouts & excess inventory
  • Increase your lead time
  • Know what to buy, how much, when & where to keep it
  • Allocate your marketing spend more wisely
  • Improve seasonal cash flow
  • Value your inventory
  • Project sales 3 months in advance
  • Get alerts to make orders
  • Receive a list of aging inventory
Sync Data In Any Direction

Sync Data In Any Direction

  • Input your data into QuickBooks, your store or marketplace, and we'll ensure your other systems are in sync
  • Sync inventory counts from QuickBooks to your online stores
  • Post transaction data directly from your sales channels
  • Automatically post shipping and merchant fees into QuickBooks
  • Order details from your marketplaces and shopping carts
Comply With Sales Taxes

Comply With Sales Taxes

  • Support single or multiple tax jurisdictions
  • Map sales tax to specific items in QuickBooks for accurate sales tax filing
  • Integrate with Avalara for advanced sales tax rate validation & automated filing
Record fees from all sources

Record Fees From All Sources

  • Record store or marketplace fees as separate bill transactions
  • Connect to a shipping app (ShipStation, ShippingEasy) and easily pull in shipping costs
  • Consolidate fees from other sources, including payment processors, to get true profit by order, SKU, customer & more

Integrate With 50
Marketplaces & Platforms

Inventory forecasting software

Unlimited Support

Starter, Lite & Pro Plans
  • Get unlimited online support
  • Onboard yourself to the software
Advanced & Premium Plans
  • Receive personalized, white glove implementation from an expert
  • Get a dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Get training during implementation (and beyond!)
  • Gain access to a team of over 25 support experts in QuickBooks & ecommerce with decades' of experience in ecommerce bookkeeping & accounting
  • Receive support from 7am to 6pm PST

Check Out More Features

Process Refunds and Cancellations
Process Refunds & Cancellations
  • As refunds & cancellations occur, Webgility will automatically update your inventory & accounting data across systems
  • Create credit memos against the original sale for accurate transaction level accounting
Handle High Volumes
Handle High Volumes
  • Record thousands of transactions per day
  • Create credit memos against the original sale for accurate transaction level accounting
Manage Listings
Manage Listings
  • Easily publish your products from QuickBooks to your stores (or vice versa) including images and other details
  • Import/export listings in bulk
Manage Prices
Manage Prices
  • Update your price once in QuickBooks & use automated rules to keep prices updated in your stores & marketplaces
  • Utilize our extensive off-the-shelf customizations
  • Pay for more advanced custom development
Support Multiple Users
Support Multiple Users
  • Set up one or more users with customized permissions
Secure Your Data
Secure Your Data
  • Protect your data with back-ups, privacy & security
  • Webgility security certification
Support Dropshipping
Support Dropshipping
  • Generate purchase orders
  • Sync inventory quantities
  • Send packing slips to dropship vendors
  • Import tracking information from dropship vendors to your store(s)
Generate purchase orders
Generate purchase orders
  • Automatically generate purchase orders & vendor emails
  • Fully configurable settings for generating POs
Customize Accounting Reports
Customize Accounting Reports
  • Know how specific channels are performing with a summary of transactions
  • Get clarity on profit and loss by order, product, region, customer, and more
Automate Fully
Automate Fully
  • Use the scheduler to automate all the postings in near real time

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"The Webgility app allows our small business to seamlessly navigate the intersection of our online sales and QuickBooks. The technical team at Webgility consistently provides top tier customer service and guidance. I would not hesitate to recommend Webgility to others."



"Webgility has been such a great source for us as the software is the perfect bridge between marketplaces and our QuickBooks. Webgility has helped us to save so much time and human errors."

Ginnie Pham
CFO/HR Manager at Powered By Awesome


"Easiest to install of any app I have ever purchased over the many years on Magento. I am a novice when it comes to install and this app was easily explained and easy to do and it WORKED the first time!"
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