Three Important Tips for International Shipping recently released a great Complete Guide to USPS International Shipping infographic, that includes tips for international shipping, shipping carrier cost comparisons, eBay’s top categories for international sales, and much more. Click on the graphic at left for the complete infographic. Learn how to ship your USPS packages to international customers and expand your business globally by tapping into the growing demand for American-made products. Continue reading

Ghosts of e-Christmas Future

For Cyber Monday 2015, the future is now for these 5 top selling online retail categories

chaiOver the last 10 years I’ve learned great deal from my front-row seat in the fascinating theater of online retail. My view of the industry from both a broad and detailed perspective allows me to see product categories that are newly important to our collective consciousness as both consumers and sellers, and this year is no different. In 2015, it’s clear that online holiday sales will show unprecedented growth in three brand-new categories, thanks in part to attention and innovations by big marketplaces, selling platforms, fulfillment systems, and manufacturers. And it’s no surprise, five gift categories of recent Christmas sales past are sure to find their way onto Santa’s sleigh as well. Here’s my list of categories, sellers, and products to keep an eye on this Cyber Monday.

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What’s in a name? Everything.

Multi-channel-sellingSix weeks ago, we relaunched eCC Desktop and eCC Cloud as Unify Enterprise and Unify. Since then, we’ve fielded all manner of questions from current and future customers, the most common of which has been, “Why would you change and rename such a great product?” For us, the answer is simple. Much like the e-commerce industry itself, Webgility and its products have evolved exponentially in a very short period of time. Simply put, the term “e-commerce connector (aka eCC)” had become insufficient for expressing everything that our software does for multi-channel enterprise companies. Continue reading

Multi-Channel Inventory Sync is here

multi-channelToday, at the industry trade show SleeterCon in Las Vegas, we took another big step toward revolutionizing e-commerce by adding the first ever multi-channel inventory sync to our new Unify Enterprise e-commerce solution. Unify Enterprise empowers online retailers to sync inventory across all stores so they can run their business from one location. So no matter where you sell, you can manage your inventory across all major sales channels, including eBay, Amazon, Magento, Volusion, Bigcommerce, and custom websites. No more skipping around between stores! By providing a single location for synchronizing inventory, we keep your warehouses efficient, eliminate wasteful spending, and ensure that you never oversell.  

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Why You Need to Hop on the Omnichannel Bandwagon

Omnichannel ManagementIt’s undeniable that omnichannel is the big buzzword in retail these days. But, what exactly is “omnichannel”? The basic idea of omnichannel refers to consumers having the opportunity to seamlessly shop and buy from any channel: in-store, online, and through smartphones and tablets.

As we’ve seen in the past year or so, the concept of omnichannel is quickly spreading, with big retailers grasping the trend and running with it. So, why is it important for small brick-and-mortars and/or ecommerce businesses to hop on the same bandwagon? To start, according to research by IDC Retail Insights, customers using omnichannel options for purchasing, spend an average of 15 to 30 percent more than consumers shopping through one channel. Continue reading