Paying the Tax Man: How to Track Your E-commerce Sales Tax

It’s a fact of life – every business has to pay taxes. Retailers have the added burden of collecting, tracking, and remitting sales tax to their local tax authority. If you’re an online retailer, you generally must charge sales tax to customers who live in any state where you have a physical presence. As an e-commerce business, how do you know how much you owe in taxes?

In this article I’ll help you find out how much you owe to the tax man. Where you find this information depends on whether you have a single tax rate or a variable tax rate. Continue reading

Webgility Raises $2.5M in Growth Funding from SaaS Capital

I am excited to announce that Webgility has raised $2.5 million in growth funding from SaaS Capital! We will use the funding to increase headcount, ramp up product development, and expand into new vertical markets. This is an exciting year for our company and we can’t wait to show you what’s next.

“We’re excited to welcome Webgility to our portfolio, the first out of Fund II,” said Rob Belcher, SaaS Capital Managing Director, West Coast. “Webgility is a terrific match for SaaS Capital’s recurring revenue-based line of credit. The company is growing quickly and has a great opportunity in front of it, and while not ruling out the possibility of ever raising equity from VCs – true to their bootstrapped roots – management wanted to remain as equity efficient through this period of high-growth as possible.”

Read the full release here.

Webgility Provides FedEx One Rate for E-commerce Shippers With Its Latest FedEx® 2014 Certification

Webgility provides Fedex One Rate for e-commerce E-commerce retailers can save on shipping this holiday season with FedEx One Rate flat rate pricing through eCC Desktop and Shiplark software.

Webgility, FedEx’s Provider of the Year and Diamond Compatible Partner, is the one of the first FedEx Compatible partners to be fully certified for FedEx 2014 and to provide FedEx One Ratedirectly within its e-commerce applications: eCC Desktop and Shiplark.  Small- and medium-sized businesses can streamline shipping by integrating their e-commerce channels with FedEx.  They can skip the weighing and measuring of the packages, select from a variety FedEx Express® flat rate boxes, and instantly print the shipping label directly from one integrated application.
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Holiday Shipping: How to make sure your customers get their orders on time

Santa Claus has it easy. With a workshop full of elves making and wrapping presents, and magic reindeer to fly him around the world, he doesn’t have to worry whether or not little children will wake up to presents under the tree. Online retailers, however, aren’t so lucky. Not only do you have to make and stock your products, you have to deal with the hassle of getting them to customers during the busiest shipping time of the year.

With 44% of Americans shopping online last year, and more than 40% of them waiting to start their holiday shopping until December1, e-commerce businesses have unique challenges during the holiday rush. If you don’t have your own elves and reindeer, here are three things that you can you do to prepare for the holiday season and make sure that your customers get their orders on time.

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