Simplify your accounting by syncing directly with QuickBooks. Try QuickBooks Sync!

Accounting Sync

Say “bye” to manual data entry and “hi” to easier ecommerce.

QuickBooks Online, Xero accounting integration

Accounting Automation

Hands-free data entry

  • NEW 1-Click Accounting for Amazon: Fully and accurately reconcile in a matter of minutes after your Amazon settlement period.
  • Automatically post, track, and sync all orders, expenses, fees, and shipping costs directly into QuickBooks or Xero.
  • View financial reports for your entire multichannel business from one dashboard to make smarter decisions.
  • Always know where your money is—revenue, inventory, sales tax, shipping costs, and fees—from stores, marketplaces, and payment processors.
  • Post orders to accounting individually—or group several into a summary.


Fees and Expenses

Pro tip: This is where profits hide

  • Sync and track fees from Amazon Settlement Reports and eBay Invoice Reports into QuickBooks or Xero.
  • Track payment processor fees—from PayPal, Shopify Payments, Stripe, and Square—with your accounting.
  • Track shipping costs from third-party shipping applications.
  • See financial reports of your entire business and get strategic insights.


Bulk order posting to QuickBooks

Summary Posting

Don’t get lost in the details

  • Post orders as a single transaction or group them together on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.
  • Easily select, by store, groups of orders and post as a batch.
  • See revenue and expenses in your accounting for financial accuracy without excessive detail.
  • Record transactions against a standard customer in accounting or track individual customers.


Account Reconciliation

Refund Management

Got returns? No problem

  • Easily manage refunds and cancelled orders.
  • Cancel an entire transaction or just part of it.
  • Generate a refund check automatically in accounting.
  • Automatically and instantly update inventory for refunded orders.


Avalara Sales Tax compliance

Tax Compliance

Eliminate tax worries without lifting a finger

  • Automatically track and validate sales tax—right down to the state and jurisdiction level—for each online order.
  • Post orders to your accounting with the sales tax.
  • Have full confidence in your tax compliance and financial reporting across all sales channels.
  • Save money on outsourced bookkeeping and accounting.


Honeybee Gardens webinar

Honeybee Gardens

How a kitchen-lab experiment came to be an international enterprise business. For this small cosmetics company, manually entering orders and sales into non-integrated systems was time consuming, lead to errors, and gave no visibility into the financial health of the business.


Unify customer review
For the past 10 months we have been using Unify with three stores—the time we save with our books is remarkable.
—Edward Pittman, The Kershaw Store
Great Lakes Collection-Webgility customer review
This solution is super helpful syncing every detail to every order with Xero. It makes life a lot easier!
—David Burke, Great Lakes Collection
Unify Enterprise customer review
Unify makes transferring orders from our website to QuickBooks seamless.
—Jamie Turpin, SOMS Technologies
Honeybee Gardens customer review
You can't run your business with incorrect data in QuickBooks. You're making key, critical decisions based on that data, so it had better be right.
—Melissa Buckley, Honeybee Gardens