10 Shopify Experts to Watch

10 Shopify Experts to Watch

The secret’s out: Shopify is one of the top ecommerce platforms in the world, and its user base is expected to grow even further as online sales take a larger piece of the retail pie each year. The platform’s robust feature set and functionality make it a no-brainer for online retailers, whether they’re just getting started or are scaling into an omnichannel operation. And the best part? It’s trusted by more than 1.7 million businesses worldwide, so there’s a massive community of experts on social media, blogs, and podcasts who can offer tips and tricks.

We’ve curated a list of ten Shopify experts who can help you learn how to optimize the platform to grow your business, hear strategies and success stories from business owners like you, and discover how to get the most out of your store experience. Run—don’t walk—to put their expertise into action.

Tatiana James Shopify expert

Tatiana James

Known as: Ecommerce YouTuber, entrepreneur

Why follow: When Tatiana James launched her ecommerce career, she was looking to make a few thousand dollars a month. Today, she makes $6,000 a day selling products online. On her successful YouTube channel, James offers tutorials, tips, and advice for selling on Amazon and Shopify.

Shopify connection: An experienced Shopify user, James explains the ins and outs of selling on the platform, how it compares to other online stores, and how to get the most out of Shopify features.

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Harley Finkelstein Shopify expert

Harley Finkelstein

Known as: President of Shopify

Why follow: If you want the latest Shopify news straight from the source, look no further than Harley Finkelstein. Finkelstein is often the face of the company and appears in interviews for podcasts, TV news, and magazine articles. Beyond his relation to the company, Finkelstein uses his social channels to speak directly to entrepreneurs and crowdsource their insights on the world of ecommerce.

Shopify connection: Member of the Shopify team since 2009

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Justin Cener Shopify expert

Justin Cener

Known as:
Ecommerce coach and creator of the Cener eCommerce Mastermind Facebook group

Why follow: Justin Cener is a serial entrepreneur who has built several seven-figure ecommerce businesses. He shares his expertise as a bootcamp mentor and ecommerce coach, most notably on his private Facebook group which boasts over 50,000 members. He also maintains an active blog where he shares ecommerce tips and the best Shopify tools of the month.

Shopify connection: A self-described “Shopify expert,” Cener shares his experience with starting and running a Shopify business. His most popular free training is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a print on-demand Shopify store. 

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Ashley Alderson Shopify expert

Ashley Alderson

Known as: Founder and CEO of The Boutique Hub, a community of boutique owners, retailers, and wholesalers

Why follow: Alderson’s uplifting posts and savvy business tips inspire entrepreneurs in all walks of life. She shares practical advice for business owners and motivation for those just starting out. Women in ecommerce who are seeking community will especially benefit from the knowledge Alderson has to share.

Shopify connection: Shopify Retail and the Boutique Hub announced a partnership in fall 2020 that gives Boutique Hub members access to business education modules led by the Shopify team.

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Steve Hutt Shopify expert

Steve Hutt

Known as: Creator of eCommerce Fastlane and host of the eCommerce Fastlane podcast

Why follow: Steve Hutt is an expert in all things Shopify and shares his knowledge through his website and podcast, Ecommerce Fastlane. Hutt discusses cutting-edge marketing strategies and the latest tactics to inspire customer loyalty and drive positive business outcomes.

Shopify connection: Member of the Shopify Merchant Success team

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Felix Thea Shopify expert

Felix Thea

Known as: Host of the Shopify Masters podcast

Why follow: Every week, Thea interviews ecommerce pros on Shopify Masters to find out their strategies for selling online. Guests talk about the business risks they’ve taken, the tools in their tech stacks, and the marketing strategies they’ve found surprisingly successful. Plus, with Shopify itself hosting the podcast, Thea is a great source for the latest news on the marketplace.

Shopify connection: Thea’s podcast is hosted by Shopify

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Marie Forleo Shopify expert

Marie Forleo

Known as: Author, entrepreneur, host of MarieTV

Why follow: Marie Forleo coined the term “multipassionate entrepreneur” to describe herself and others who feel called to many aspects of business. She teaches courses and provides free online content about how she built her multimillion-dollar ecommerce business. Forleo combines her life coach experience with practical business tips to inspire entrepreneurs to live a purpose-driven life.

Shopify connection: Mentor of the Shopify Build a Business Program. Explore Forleo’s Shopify course on how she built her revolutionary company here.

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Andrew Youderian Shopify expert

Andrew Youderian

Known as: Founder of eCommerce Fuel and host of the eCommerce Fuel podcast

Why follow: Youderian is the host of the popular podcast eCommerce Fuel, a weekly show that covers everything you need to know about starting (and growing) an ecommerce business. Guests join Youderian in discussions on a range of topics about the ecommerce industry and brand success stories. On social media, Youderian shares a mix of business insights and life adventures with his family of five.

Shopify connection: The eCommerce Fuel blog contains informative articles about Shopify, such as how to build a great Shopify store. On his podcast, Youderian frequently teams up with Shopify sellers like Deeanne Akerson, CEO of Kindred Bravely.

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Dan Vas Shopify expert

Dan Vas 

Known as: Ecommerce YouTuber, founder and CEO of Ecom Freedom

Why follow: More than 300,000 subscribers tune in to Dan Vas’s YouTube channel to find informative and comprehensive tutorials on running an ecommerce business. His Shopify for beginners tutorial has nearly 6 million views alone and provides a clear, no-nonsense overview of starting out on the platform.

Shopify connection: Vas’s popular videos about Shopify cover everything from dropshipping to advertising and more.

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Kurt Elster Shopify expert

Kurt Elster

Known as: Host of the Unofficial Shopify Podcast, Shopify Plus Partner

Why follow: “How’s an entrepreneur like me supposed to grow my Shopify store?” That’s the question that Elster sets out to answer with the Unofficial Shopify Podcast. The podcast features the world’s most successful Shopify entrepreneurs as guests, and, like the name suggests, offers an open and honest look at the platform.

Shopify connection: A decade-long Shopify expert and host of the Unofficial Shopify Podcast

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Leah Allen-Manning, Content Strategist

Leah Allen-Manning, Content Strategist

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