You’ve been asking; we’ve been listening! Starting today, Webgility has launched an exciting new feature to enhance the Webgility Online product to enable Amazon and Shopify users to completely automate their accounting with journal entry auto-reconciliation.

Accountants and small businesses have always faced a manual and grueling process reconciling their Shopify and Amazon sales into journal entries that perfectly match the bank. Despite causing headaches to attain it, this information is vital to an ecommerce business. Reconciliation of these settlement reports paints a clear picture of where their money is going and the actual costs of operating their business on the Shopify or Amazon platform. There has to be an easier way, and now there is.

Effortless Reconciliation

Using the Amazon or Shopify Journal Entry Auto-Reconciliation, Webgility Online automatically creates journal entries that are perfectly matched to the deposits in your bank account. Instead of spending time on manual settlement reconciliation, this new feature helps you avoid errors and save numerous hours by putting powerful accounting automation right at your fingertips:

  • For Amazon: Automatically post your ecommerce orders every settlement period, as a daily summary, or every order individually. Learn More >>>
  • For Shopify: Automatically post your ecommerce orders in summary as a journal entry, or every order individually. Learn More >>>
Webgility offers automated Amazon & Shopify journal entry reconciliation
Eliminate errors and save time by automating your Amazon or Shopify reconciliation.

Measure & Monetize

Accounting is one of the less glamorous aspects of running an Amazon or Shopify store, but having an accurate measure of the costs and profitability associated with selling on those channels is vital to its growth. When you automate your Shopify or Amazon accounting with Webgility Online, you can automatically grab or import product costs to keep your finger on the pulse of your true order profitability and eliminate manual accounting errors.

Simple for Small Businesses, Powerful for Accountants

Between the boom of consumers online and the abundance of tools available, there’s never been a better time to be an ecommerce business. However, the plethora of software solutions all promising to solve your ecommerce business needs can be overwhelming and sometimes incredibly challenging to use. You end up trading one tedious, time-consuming task for another – or – you find a solution that is easy to use but leaves you hanging when it comes to features and functionality.

Whether you’re just getting started or are selling on multiple channels, Webgility works like a charm. Small businesses can connect their Shopify or Amazon stores in a snap with our new intuitive user interface. Accountants can tap into the most robust set of accounting automation features on the market. Add in our support team of experts in accounting software and ecommerce, and you’ve got more than a software solution. You’ve got a partner who is ready to help your ecommerce business grow.

Experience this new feature in action. Schedule a personalized demo and see for yourself how using the right accounting automation tools can empower ecommerce growth for your small business.

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