Multi-Channel Inventory Sync is here

Multi-Channel Inventory SyncToday, at the industry trade show SleeterCon in Las Vegas, we took another big step toward revolutionizing e-commerce by adding the first ever multi-channel inventory sync to our new Webgility e-commerce solution. Webgility empowers online retailers to sync inventory across all stores so they can run their business from one location. So no matter where you sell, you can manage your inventory across all major sales channels, including eBay, Amazon, Magento, Volusion, BigCommerce, and custom websites. No more skipping around between stores! By providing a single location for synchronizing inventory, we keep your warehouses efficient, eliminate wasteful spending, and ensure that you never oversell.  

As you know, to be a successful seller, you must be able to operate across channels without losing grasp on the bigger picture. We created Webgility to ensure inventory is an asset, not a liability. With a close eye on inventory and accounting automation, we are proud to empower a new generation of online retailers to scale their businesses the way they want to, when they want to. After all, knowledge is not just power—it is control. Learn more about Webgility, and multi-channel inventory sync, schedule a demo today.

Parag Mamnani, Founder and CEO

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Before founding Webgility, Parag led product teams at and was a founding partner at the leading web development company Gate6. Parag is a self-proclaimed data addict.

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