The Next e-Commerce DisruptorWhat’s going to set your business apart from the masses? 

There’s no denying the tech world, regardless of industry, has had a messy love affair with the buzzword “disruptor.” Disruption in the world of e-commerce usually means selling or manufacturing something that changes the nature of the product, how the product is sold, or that product’s industry at large. For example, selling mattresses, razors, or eye-glasses online introduces much needed competition and variety to these formerly fallow brick-and-mortar industries. In spite of, or likely because of, the over-use of the word, it’s time to take a deeper look at what it really means in the world of e-commerce to be a disruptor.Can you identify the next #ecommerce #disruptor? It may save your #business. #Webgility Click To Tweet

Amazon was perhaps the first large-scale e-commerce disruptor, at first tackling an arguably entrenched and highly regulated book industry. One could view the situation as Amazon starting with one category and optimizing the heck out of pricing and the sales process to get adoption in the market. Another perspective is that Amazon understood what a majority of book-buying customers wanted: ease of discovery and purchase, low price, and fast results. Any way you look at the scenario, it worked. Read the rest of the article on Retail Info Systems News.