Our new integration eliminates data entry between Walmart Marketplace and QuickBooks


We’re thrilled to announce a Beta program of a new integration with Walmart Marketplace that can empower you to radically simplify operations by managing your Walmart Marketplace sales orders, QuickBooks accounting, multi-channel inventory, and shipping all from one place. This important integration comes as Walmart last week reported 63% in e-commerce sales and 69% growth in gross merchandise volume, mostly from

As Walmart Marketplace emerges as a leading platform for sellers, with an audience of more than 110 million unique shoppers, we’re so happy to work with this industry icon. Our customers have asked us to bring the power of Webgility to their Walmart business, and through this integration we are making it simple for them to optimize operations, easily sync with their QuickBooks accounts, and focus on building the business of their dreams. By integrating Webgility with Walmart Marketplace, Webgility customers can now:

Seamlessly sync your Walmart Marketplace account with QuickBooks! Post sales data and expenses into QuickBooks automatically, while also accurately tracking sales tax, post all marketplace expenses and fees as bills or expenses with proper accounting as well as discounts, and promotions; and enjoy accurate accounting and full reconciliation with no manual data entry from any platform or marketplace.

Coming Soon! Easily manage inventory on Walmart Marketplace: Automatically sync price and inventory between Walmart Marketplace and QuickBooks, manage, sync, track, and expand Walmart Marketplace (and multi-channel) inventory listings to avoid overselling, backorders, and bad reviews.

The Webgility-Walmart Marketplace integration will enable sellers like you to operate with maximum efficiency, integrating with more than 85 marketplaces, platforms, and business systems, and managing order, customers, products, and accounts all from a single dashboard. The solution is now in Beta: Sign up here to start saving time and increasing profit today. Read more details about this important integration between Webgility and Walmart Marketplace on our Walmart integrations page