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Last week, Webgility launched our newest product, Webgility Mobile! But, there’s a secret. Did you know this isn’t just for mobile devices? This mobile web application can be run in almost any modern browser on any device: phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Use your favorite PC, Apple or Android-powered product to unlock the rich, actionable insights provided by Webgility Mobile and enhance Webgility Desktop.

Webgility Mobile immediately provides a real time status of your business in clear language. Order volume, revenue, and average order value are available at a glance, along with revenue distribution across channels. Select a store and the rest of the page will filter the data appropriately.

In a single view, compare today’s Sales Goals to normal operations, including Month over Month, Month over This Month Last Year, and Year over Year analysis.

Then, see what’s driving those sales today. Check out your top products when viewed on a desktop!

3 Top Products sold today
(Okay, it looks the same as Webgility Mobile. But why mess with perfection?)

Go to the Revenue Trends tab for a more in-depth analysis of your operations, starting with daily and monthly revenue forecasts using Random Cut Forest (RCF) algorithms. If you’re not sure what that is, don’t worry. Just know the analytics of Webgility Mobile uses advanced machine learning to forecast behaviors for the most accurate probabilities, including upper and lower limits of the projection.

Continue your research below these forecasts to get a clear understanding of what ecommerce platforms are working best for you, week over week, and drill down to see the weeks by individual store. Or, even drill into the week for a daily breakdown. Contrast that data with the comparison of revenue versus order volume over time. And, for those with a keen interest in logistics, we’ve mapped the shipping destinations of your orders. Filter by store using the donut chart, just like in Today’s View. 

Keep apprised of errors, anomalies and also operational reviews of sales initiatives with revenue comparisons to tax, shipping and discounts. For easy reference, AOV over time is readily available.

Get the analytics you’ve been seeking on any platform using the flexibility of Webgility Mobile. It is the power to drive your complex business to success; designed to grow with you, and destined to grow for you.

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