Product Bahn

Unify helps this emergency food company stay prepared for anything

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Product Bahn started and in 2010, starting with food storage and then expanding to emergency foods and survival gear. Within two years they started making their own food and expanded to, which sells dehydrated camping food and gear. Their latest sites are and which both sell healthy foods, treats, snacks, desserts, and supplements made with natural ingredients.

In 2012 when an earthquake and tsunami struck the Pacific Ocean and Japan, the folks at Product Bahn found themselves with a spike in orders and a major data entry problem. Daily CSV uploads took up to two hours, plus several manual checks and corrections. That’s when they started looking for a better solution.

With Unify, Product Bahn is able to:

  • Sync inventory across storefronts and accounting

  • Process 10 times more orders per day

  • Reconcile all expenses and fees

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