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Webgility Customer Story: The Wine Cellarage

webgility customer story wine cellarage


    Customer: The Wine Cellarage

    Location: New York, NY

    Industry: Wine retailer and storage service provider

    Platforms: Magento & QuickBooks Enterprise

Business Challenge

    Manually managing inventory between their online store and QuickBooks


    E-commerce integration that synchronizes items between the online store and QuickBooks, identifies mismatched items, and create missing items.


    Saved at least 10 hours per week of manual work.

    Reduced data entry errors.

    More than $400 in savings each month.

The Wine Cellerage saves over $400 a month and reduces hours of manual work with Webgility

Located in New York City, The Wine Cellarage is a retailer, importer, and exporter of fine wines, and a full-service wine storage facility. Since opening in 2003, the company has rapidly become a leading wine service provider throughout the Northeast, with a 20,000 square feet warehouse storing over 15,000 cases of wine that are carefully monitored for proper temperature and humidity.

To further expand their business, The Wine Cellarage launched their online store in May 2009. On average, The Wine Cellarage processes ten online orders a day, each personally delivered to local customers or shipped to domestic and international locations via UPS or other carriers. Understanding the importance of inventory management, they wanted to have their Magento site integrated with their QuickBooks Enterprise right off the bat. "With a large selection of wine, we knew that it would be a disaster to manually eneter each item in QuickBooks," explained Saiyad Maknojia, Finance Manager at The Wine Cellarage.

Webgility has a quality-to-price ratio that is very hard to beat, and it is backed by friendly and fast technical support.

Lars Neubohn, President of The Wine Cellerage

The Wine Cellarage's e-commerce integration process

After extensive research, the management team at The Wine Cellarage chose Webgility for their e-commerce integration. Not only did Webgility meet their needs and fit in their budget, but Webgility customer service was extremely helpful throughout the process. From the initial inquiry to implementation to routine support, there is always a knowledgeable person to quickly respond to technical issues. "The installation was very smooth, and I'm really impressed by the support that you guys have. After installing Webgility, we get regular upgrade notifications. I'd call them up, and they will do it for me right away," said Maknojia.

Webgility paid for itself in just a few months

With Webgility, Maknojia can review the inventory data in real-time, comparing items in the online store to QuickBooks. Orders are tracked from the initial online purchase to order fulfillment to posting on QuickBooks. Inventory is synced between QuickBooks and the online store, and Maknojia can review a list of mismatched items. The Wine Cellerage adds new wine selections frequently, so the notifications of missing items has been an important feature for them. They also customized the settings to enable Maknojia to create the online items through Webgility and control when they will be live on the website.

Within a few months of using Webgility, The Wine Cellarage was able to cover the investment costs. The Wine Cellarage saved at least ten hours per week of manual data, saving them more than $400 a month. The decision to install Webgility right at the beginning of the website development enabled them to quickly and effectively manage their inventory, sales and expenses. " Webgility has a quality-to-price ratio that is very hard to beat, and it is backed by friendly and fast technical support," said Lars Neubohn, President of The Wine Cellerage.

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