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About Webgility

We revolutionize the way e-commerce companies run their business. With decades of cumulative experience at, AT&T Bell Labs, Avaya,,, Gate6, Google, Oracle, Intacct, KPMG, and Lucent, our senior management team ensures Webgility’s position as the e-commerce industry leader in both software innovation and customer service. Put our experience to work for you.

Webgility was founded in 2007 with the simple idea of making it easy for online sellers to post their orders in QuickBooks. Now the leading multi-channel e-commerce solutions company, Webgility software connects and unifies all systems, revenue streams, and expenses so online retailers can have better perspective, make smarter decisions, and run all operations from a single software.

Privately funded and profitable, the Webgility team is headquartered in San Francisco with an international branch in Indore, India. Business is booming and we’re growing at warp speed: Join the Webgility team!

Our Philosophy

We believe that creating and building a business is about doing what inspires you, not spending time on day-to-day minutia. Software should adapt to your business needs and be easy to use. And above all, software should provide insights and solutions that enable growth. Our core values:

  • Deliver best-in-class software. Software should be a solution, not a problem. We’re told repeatedly that our software changes the lives of our customers.
  • Focus on the customer. Our software adapts to our customers’ business needs and adjusts to the rapidly changing e-commerce industry to help them scale and succeed.
  • Provide world-class support. Our top-rated white-glove support guides our customers through every stage of business development.
  • Keep it simple. Our software is easy to understand and use, so multi-channel customers can simplify and succeed.

The Webgility Team

Spanning continents, we are a smart, close-knit, and versatile team of experts in e-commerce, business, and finance. We believe in working smart, playing hard, and learning constantly. Our cumulative experience spans multiple decades and includes work with a wide range of companies including e-commerce, technology, accounting, start-ups, Fortune 100 corporations.

Our Management Team

Parag Mamnani, Founder and CEO at Webgility

Email: parag@

Parag Mamnani, Founder and CEO

Parag’s passion for technology comes from hands-on experience in design, development, and marketing of business software. He has led cross-functional teams to deliver software solutions for thousands of e-commerce companies. Parag’s e-commerce expertise, innate leadership skills, and scary-smart business savvy drive Webgility’s growth.

Parag began his entrepreneurial journey while pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Arizona State University. As a Partner and Head of Technology at the web development startup Gate6, Parag helped grow the company into one of top 5 interactive agencies in Arizona.

Parag then joined as Product Management Lead and Evangelist for Amazon WebStore, where he launched the WebStore Developer program and managed Amazon’s largest customer accounts, generating millions in revenue.

Now leading the Webgility software solutions company through tremendous growth and development, Parag believes that most business challenges can be solved by looking closely at data. He loves numbers and gets the same rush from looking at a spreadsheet as he does from finding the perfect hot sauce pairing for his lunch.

Melanie Kalemba, Senior Vice President of Partnerships and Business Development

Email: melanie@

Melanie Kalemba, Senior Vice President of Partnerships and Business Development

An SMB expert and advocate, Melanie started her career in marketing at large brands, including Cisco and Dell, then went on to become president and CEO of Movero, a VC backed managed services company where she helped raise multiple rounds of funding. During her tenure at BigCommerce, Melanie headed strategic business development, global sales, and channel, where she structured high-level partnerships with major players such as Intuit and PayPal. Most recently, Kalemba served as senior vice president and general manager of enterprise business for Verve, where she helped nurture and build the company’s SMB offerings.

Melanie’s career-long advocacy for SMBs, enthusiasm for e-commerce, and prowess building high-level relationships are tremendous additions to the Webgility team.

Christina Del Villar, Director of Marketing at Webgility

Email: christina@

Christina Del Villar, Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships

Christina is passionate about seeing leads come into the funnel and turn into customers, leveraging all available resources and technology. With over 15 years of director-level marketing experience at Fortune 100 companies and startups, she has a successful history of building and executing innovative marketing programs and strategic partner relationships. Christina loves working with companies that are going through a growth spurt and she has the experience and industry perspective needed to take growing businesses to the next level. Her role at Webgility puts Christina in a unique position to impact the e-tail industry with powerful e-commerce solutions.

Christina also enjoys traveling, participating in endurance events, and working with various nonprofits, including Team Ronald McDonald House and Best Buddies.

Michael Mansour, Vice President of Sales at Webgility

Email: michaelm@

Michael Mansour, Vice President of Sales

Sales veteran Michael Mansour has a track record of success leading teams in fast-growth companies, consistently beating targets and delivering successful outcomes. At Webgility, Michael focuses on scaling the company’s sales initiative to match the great momentum of the growing e-commerce operations market. As Director of Sales at Livefyre and Sales Development Lead at Marketo, Michael expanded his teams to accommodate rapid growth. Michael has also held management positions at telecom players such as 8X8 and Fonality. He holds a bachelor’s degree from University of Central Florida. Given Webgility’s position in the expanding e-commerce market, Michael looks forward to scaling our stellar sales team and helping grow the Webgility business exponentially. When he’s not conquering the e-commerce world, Michael enjoys spending time outdoors, camping, and hiking with his wife and three kids.

Bill Gargiulo, Vice President of Customer Success

Email: bill@

Bill Gargiulo, Vice President of Customer Success

Bill is a tech industry executive with a strong track record establishing and achieving customer and corporate revenue, quality, and delivery goals. Driving pre-IPO technology, and corporate and customer growth, Bill has managed and grown customer success teams at iCharts, Cisco, BroadWare, Azul, Vitria, Netscape. Bill has overseen cross-functional operations that include product development, quality assurance, program and product management, and customer success while delivering product portfolios against aggressive schedules and quality commitments. Bill oversees the workflow efficiency, operational messaging, and service protocols for Webgility’s top-rated customer support and success team.

When Bill is not at—or commuting to—Webgility, he finds time to enjoy California’s beautiful outdoor playground. And although his days of coaching multiple youth sports teams is over, Bill is always happy to provide occasional sideline guidance, solicited or not.

Kinnar Vora, Vice President of Engineering

Email: kinnar@

Kinnar Vora, Vice President of Engineering

A SaaS veteran, Kinnar has deep experience growing companies from startup to exit. Most recently he served as vice president of product development and operations for Sequoia Retail Systems where he led teams to innovate on payment API integration, enhancement, and support, delivering a new cloud-based and mobile point-of-sale software for college campuses. Kinnar has led engineering for several other leading companies, serving as vice president, senior vice president, and director of engineering in the healthcare technology and marketing space.

At Webgility, Kinnar recognizes a vision and a level of leadership transparency that is rarely seen. He was drawn to Webgility not just because of its groundbreaking technology but because of its strong community of both employees and customers.

Manoj Chhablani, Director of Operations at Webgility

Email: manojc@

Manoj Chhablani, Director of Operations, India

Manoj has more than a decade of experience in human resources, taxation, and corporate law. As a Director at Gate6, Manoj realized his passion for developing teams and crunching numbers. His work launching several offshore technology centers has enabled Gate6 to become one of the most successful agencies in Arizona. As Director of Operations at Webgility in India, Manoj spearheads the day-to-day business for the international team and oversees all aspects of finance, human resources, and administration. When he's not creating Excel magic, Manoj loves watching cricket and organizing movie nights for the Webgility team.

Rob McGorty, Director of Operations and Product at Webgility

Email: rob@

Rob McGrorty, Director of Operations and Product, San Francisco

Rob is driven by a desire to understand and solve problems. His background spans work with a wide range of companies, from start-up to Fortune 100, including KPMG. As founder of Evolve CFO—a technology-leveraged professional services company that helped rapidly growing startups tackle a multitude of problems—Rob has seen and solved complex business issues in all market stages firsthand.

On the front lines of Operations and Product in Webgility’s San Francisco office, Rob now has an endless supply of problems to solve for e-commerce businesses of all sizes. He enjoys shoestring travel, endurance sports, and knocking things off his bucket list.

Our Advisory Board

Frederick Ball, Board Member

Frederick Ball is a recognized and respected business leader with more than 25 years of financial management experience. He recently served as the chief financial officer of Marketo, a leading provider of a cloud-based enterprise marketing platform from 2011 to 2016. Prior to Marketo, Fred was the chief financial officer for a number of public and private technology companies, including Webroot Software, BigBand Networks, and Borland Software.

Fred is inspired by how the Virtual ERP is bringing order, efficiency, and scale to today’s chaotic e-commerce workflows. He looks forward to helping continue to innovate operations for online sellers. Fred also sits on the board of directors at ESI(ESIO), Advanced Energy (AEIS), SendGrid, and Engagio.

Jeff Langston, Board Member

Jeff Langston is a senior executive engineering leader with a passion for delivering innovative products through durable technology. From tech startups to leading a 1000+ person global engineering organization, he has a proven track record leading winning software teams. As Senior Vice President of Product Development for Intuit’s Small Business Group, Jeff was responsible for the development and technical operation of the QuickBooks product line and third-party developer platform. Previously, he was Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering at Tempo Payments Inc.

Jeff is very excited to work with Webgility to solve important e-commerce related problems to help small businesses succeed. Currently, Jeff is advising startups and coding independently.

Iliyan Malchev, Board Member

Iliyan is a Staff Software Engineer on the Android team at Google. He’s held technical leadership roles in embedded software development for more than 12 years. Iliyan advises Webgility in the areas of product development, architecture, and business strategy.


Praveen Mamnani, Board Member

For more than 16 years, Praveen has been delivering enterprise solutions in the telecommunications industry at such companies as Avaya, Lucent, and AT&T Bell Labs in roles with business development, software architecture, and research and development. He has authored several patents in the telecommunication industry and is currently Mobile Collaboration Portfolio Leader at Avaya.

Praveen enjoys serving the community and is the founder Chirag, a non-profit organization serving disabled children. He has advised Webgility in the areas of product strategy, engineering, and business development.


Steven Power, Executive Advisor at Webgility

Steven Power, Executive Advisor

Steven comes to the Webgility team with nearly 20 years of senior executive experience, which includes a shared passion for simplifying operations for online SMBs and enterprise companies. He put that passion to work as President and Chief Revenue Officer of BigCommerce, where he transformed the e-commerce platform from a start-up to a fast-growing e-commerce leader. Steven has held executive positions at, Yodle Brand Networks, and ReachLocal. Steven currently sits on the Advisory Board of ShipStation and holds the position of Chief Commercial Officer at Catapult Sports.

Steven’s proven track record of success in building businesses in marketing, technology, and online retail is a great asset toward Webgility’s goals of revolutionizing the e-commerce industry.

Our Engineering and Development Team, India

Webgility Engineering and Development team

Engineering and Development is the engine of the Webgility team. Experts in the latest SaaS, mobile, and desktop software and Agile programming methodology, the team constantly finds ways to support Webgility's operations and develops software that adjusts to our customers’ needs and to the ever-shifting e-commerce industry.

Key leaders in the team include:

  • CP Singh, Principal Application Architect
  • Nilesh Garg, Senior Application Architect
  • Ghanshyam Bagora, Senior Technical Product Manager
  • Brajkishor Shacywar, Senior Technical Product Manager
  • Vivek Parsai, Senior Quality Assurance Lead
  • Gaurav Singh, Technical Support Manager

Webgility has been a life saver for our business.

- Elizabeth Edwards, The Beaufort Bonnet Company