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Rareform and Webgility case study

"What we’ve been able to do with Webgility is really—one, we’ve cut those hours probably in half and our spend in half and made it more automated for our bookkeepers and accountants."

Alec Avedissian, Co-Founder
Rareform Rareform logo 2

"We partnered with Webgility and they’ve been able to link up not only our Shopify, our Amazon, our UPS, our Fedex—all this umbrella of services that we need to run our business—and connect that to our accounting—our QuickBooks. Makes me sleep at night."

Andrew Cates, Co-Founder
The Wine Rayzyn Co. The Wine RayZyn logo

"We had three or four people doing nothing all day except manually processing up to several hundred orders a day. Now we are able to process between 200 and 400 orders in less time, usually by early afternoon. That, in great part, was due directly to the Webgility integration. We now have those people working on generating content to further increase sales."

Lee Miller
FISH307 FISH307 logo

"The first thing I did was pull the profitability report… I didn’t know I was losing money. My advice would be to really understand where the costs are coming from and how you’ll be able to minimize those so you become more profitable"

Marco Lalau
President of Groomer’s Pro Groomer's Pro logo

E3 Living logo

"Webgility is an integral part of our sales operations. By using their software to sync with our online sales channels it eliminates the possibility of error when transposing customer orders and data."

Mark Testere, Partner/Founder at E3 Living

FISH307 logo

"We had three or four people doing nothing all day except manually processing up to several hundred orders a day. Now we are able to process between 200 and 400 orders in less time, usually by early afternoon. That, in great part, was due directly to the Webgility integration. We now have those people working on generating content to further increase sales."

Lee Miller, FISH307

Powered by Awesome logo

"We are an e-Commerce business, which operates sales in different marketplaces. The different payment settings at each marketplace created such a big headache to our accounting department, as Quickbooks couldn't integrate directly and import sales from marketplaces. Webgility has been such a great source for us as the software is the perfect bridge between marketplaces and our Quickbooks. Webgility has helped us to save so much time and human errors."

Ginnie Pham, CFO/HR Manager at Powered By Awesome

Wedding Collectibles logo

"I can expand on all these other platforms and not worry about the fulfillment, because I know it’s going to connect. We hit a button and it imports all our orders from all our platforms. Then we print our orders and hand them to our shipping department, who picks and packs everything."

Carla Sancho,

Casa de Case logo

"It's very easy and not painful, but it has been in the past before we had complete integration between our website and QuickBooks. We had to manually enter each order into QuickBooks. In fact, we fell behind miserably on that. [Now] we just process it once touch them touch the order and it ends up in QuickBooks."

Casa de Case

Rider Shack logo

"With Webgility, our inventory is always synchronized between our retail store, online store, and QuickBooks POS, eliminating out-of-stock issues and order cancellations. We're able to provide fast delivery and better customer service."

Jeff Glass, Owner at Rider Shack

Trollbeads Studio logo

"It's an imperative part of our operation as it keeps our inventory correct it helps us in our and streamlines our order processing and it prevents accidents and mistakes from appening very glad to have installed. It's right from the get-go and the tech support guys have been awesome and getting it streamlined to our particular needs."

Steven Haddad, Trollbeads Studio

The Nappy Shoppe logo

"Webgility paid for itself with the first two weeks of use in terms of time and labor costs. It saved us time with shipping and QuickBooks integrations, and keeps all our systems talking nicely to each other."

Sharni Vaughan, Founder and CEO of The Nappy Shoppe

LugBug logo

"Webgility will quickly pay for itself many times over, versus having all of our business data manually recreated later for the proper system—having to pay a skilled bookkeeper or accountant to come in and do it all again. We never have to worry about it."

Nathan Day, LugBug

Discount Hydraulic Hose logo

"After a QuickBooks file size mishap, Webgility took less than an hour to ‘re-enter’ three days [300] of transactions. Webgility has a great product and a fantastic support team who’s there when you need them."

Marc Vasquez, ecommerce manager at Discount Hydraulic Hose

Head'n Home Hats logo

"From small to medium to large businesses this solution frees up your team to spend the time with your clients and not be caught up in the endless world of data entry and accounting."

Ori Adler, Ecommerce Director at American Hat Makers - Head n’ Home

The Sandbox Boutique logo

"It does everything for me and it is just a breath of fresh air to know that the systems are going to match up and it's just on a continuous cycle. So I will say this really has helped tremendously with expanding us to the website."

Amanda Rushing, The Sandbox Boutique

Discount Coffee logo

"Easiest to install of any app I have ever purchased over the many years on Magento. I am a novice when it comes to install and this app was easily explained and easy to do and it WORKED the first time!"

Loving Guidance logo
Loving Guidance

"Webgility allowed us to look at our operations a little bit differently instead of having everything flow through one channel." -Philip Russell

Eugene Toy & Hobby logo
Eugene Toy & Hobby

"We signed up for the 15-day trial just to see if it would work, and pretty soon we knew it was everything we wanted." -Cameron Halmrast

Bases Loaded logo
Bases Loaded

"I would recommend Webgility to anyone. Don’t think twice." -Dan Wells

House of Blades logo
House of Blades

"Webgility keeps the moving parts moving" -Michael Win

Energetic Nutrition logo
President & CEO of Energetic Nutrition

"We've been waiting for a program like Webgility for a long time. It meets and exceeds our needs, and we couldn't be happier with it." -Lorraine McGorry

The Wine Cellerage logo
President of The Wine Cellerage

"Webgility has a quality-to-price ratio that is very hard to beat, and it is backed by friendly and fast technical support." -Lars Neubohn

Rareform logo

"I'd recommend Webgility to anybody that's using ecommerce. It's simple, you're gonna save time, you're gonna save money, and it's super easy to use. Why wouldn't you use it?" -Alec Avedissian

Epic Mens logo
Epic Men’s

"I never really have to worry about Webgility—it just works." -Shen Li

The Wine RayZyn logo
Wine RayZyn

"The software has really allowed our entire team to look at one dashboard and have transparency and be able to all be on the same page to make key decisions." -Andrew Cates

Club Ride Apparel logo
Club Ride Apparel

"To us, Webgility has offered an invaluable integration and I think that we’re at a place where it’s going to get even better from here—Webgility is a great product." -Taggart Spenst

Product Bahn logo
Product Bahn

"[Webgility] took order loading from a 1- to 2-hour process down to 2 or 3 minutes. And we don’t have the errors we’d had with manual entry." -Alex Layton

Keybar logo

"Webgility is easy to use and does exactly what I need. Our company is much more productive and we have a lot more time to focus on growing the business." -Michael and Jessica Taylor

Honeybee Gardens logo
Honeybee Gardens

"There are four people in the e-commerce department managing our largest number of orders. The Webgility solution streamlines our work." -Melissa Buckley

Silver Mine logo
owner of Silver Mine Gifts

"Webgility allows us to shift the business as needed and try different marketplaces." -Ralph Goddard

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