What we're trying to do is just actually take the experience of living on a vineyard and being able to eat wine grapes on a daily basis and especially the ones that are partially dehydrated and actually bring that to the general public. Hello. I'm Andrew Cates co-founder of the Wine RayZyn Company based here in Napa, California. So everything was going well when we started the business, except we started actually selling. We use multiple applications in order to get our products to our customers. We were doing multiple data entries to our various systems and with any human interaction there's errors that follow with that. It was so frustrating and most importantly was hurting our business. We partnered with Webgility and they've been able to link up not only our Shopify, our Amazon, our UPS, our FedEx-all this umbrella of services that we need to run our business-and connect that to our accounting-our QuickBooks. Makes me sleep at night. It's been, no, it's been very good, all kidding aside. It's taken a lot of the stress that an early company- you have enough stress, you know, as-is. And the last thing you need is to be able to double-book or triple-book or quadruple-book and have a human element of error that's always there. Originally we signed up with the software to help us ease our current day-to-day transactions. But what we found out very quickly through using their dashboard is how inefficient we were being with a lot of other applications and processes. The software has really allowed our entire team to look at one dashboard and have transparency and be able to all be on the same page to make key decisions. One of the best things about Webgility over the years is their attention to detail and their customer service. Every time that I call with an issue they pick up the phone, I'm talking to a human, and they're helpful. They listen, they process, and they execute.

- Wine RayZyn

Andrew Cates is the co-founder of a Napa, California-based company that sells Wine RayZyns. As his business grew, his main challenge was managing multiple applications to get products to customers. These applications required multiple data entries, resulting in human error, frustration, and lower profits.

How our software boosted business:

  • Webgility provided easy, multichannel ecommerce automation software that synchronized different ecommerce platforms and QuickBooks.
  • With Webgility, Andrew was able to nullify human errors with double, triple, and quadruple bookings. He is now better able to track day-to-day transactions.
  • The one-click feature of our software allowed the Wine RayZyn team to look at all KPIs on a single dashboard for ease of decision making.

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