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of Sales Annually

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Inventory Items Annually

Multichannel Selling
Bye-Bye Chaos, Hello Profits

Accounting Sync
No More Data Entry


Inventory Management
Never Oversell

  • Sync and track quantity and price of products and know what’s selling across all sales channels—Webgility will even tell you when to order more.
  • Easily add sales channels and product listings from your master inventory list.
  • Automate operations and improve workflows.


Order Tracking
Sync & Track To Your Heart’s Content

  • Manage all orders, inventory, and shipping from one dashboard. Eliminate manual data entry and increase efficiencies.
  • Manage order statuses across all sales channels—filter, search, import, export, sync, track, and schedule automatic posting into accounting, create phone orders, and instantly process returns.


Financial Reports
Finally, Insights You Can Use

  • See all channels, expenses, inventory, and financial data to optimize margins and increase revenue.
  • Strategize sales forecasting and drill down on specific areas like customer behavior and shipping fees.
  • See your whole business in one dashboard.


Tax Compliance
Eliminate Your Tax Worries

  • Record sales tax in your accounting so you know how much has been collected and what’s owed.
  • Validate and track sales tax across all sales channels to the local level.


Shipping and Fulfillment
Get It Out The Door

  • Automatically connect orders from any sales channel to shipping carriers to compare rates.
  • Just click to print a label or pick list, sync inventory and accounting, validate addresses, track shipments, and notify customers.
  • Eliminate data entry altogether.


Streamlined Workflows
Come Together, Right Now

  • Streamline operations with no effort and save money with multi-user access.
  • Increase efficiencies by connecting stakeholders and minimizing errors with one set of data from orders, inventory, shipping, and accounting.