Tax Compliance

Paying your sales taxes on a hunch?
Unfortunately that’s not good enough for Uncle Sam.

Because tax compliance is a sticking point for many multi-channel e-commerce enterprises, Webgility provides critical sales tax automation to thousands of customers every day. We ensure our customers are always tax compliant by validating and tracking the required sales tax across all e-commerce sales channels. And at great advantage to our customers, Unify Enterprise Edition integrates directly with Avalara Avatax to provide a complete set of transactional sales tax automation services developed specifically to serve online retail companies. Combine that service with our QuickBooks, and Xero integrations, and you can sleep like a baby knowing the complexities of accounting and tax law are in our capable hands.

Some states have dozens of sales tax jurisdictions—we’re talking to you, Texas. Do you have those memorized?

Sales Tax Tracking

Guesswork be gone

  • Automatically record and validate sales tax to the state and jurisdiction level for each online order
  • Post orders to your accounting system with the sales tax already included
  • Have full confidence in your e-commerce tax compliance and financial reporting across all sales channels


Tax Validation and Filing

You’ve charged it, now we’ll help you pay it

  • Integrate with your Avalara account to get zip-code level tax validation and automated sales tax filing
  • Know what you’ve charged in sales tax and validate that amount instantly
  • Record tax discrepancies in your accounting
  • Ensure your taxes are paid to the correct agency
  • Save money on outsourced bookkeeping and accounting
  • Save time inputting sales data into your accounting and calculating sales tax


Sales and Use Tax Compliance for Dummies

Sales and use tax compliance is difficult to manage, especially if your process is manual. Determining which items are taxable in which states and maintaining rate tables is time-consuming and can get you in trouble with the state should an auditor come knocking.


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Unify helped us get our Shopify and QuickBooks Online in sync quickly during a critical period. It's a great solution!
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Unify makes transferring orders from our website to QuickBooks seamless.
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Webgility has been a lifesaver for our business.
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Finding Webgility was my a-ha moment.
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This application is extremely user friendly. It has streamlined our web sales and has drastically cut down on data entry. We were manually entering every web order until I happened upon this amazing solution.
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