“The Only Solution That Could Handle It All”

Product BahnWith Unify, this ominichannel company increased sales 1000% and increased the speed of order processing 83%.

  • Product Bahn makes emergency foods and storage, camping foods and gear, natural foods, and supplements.
  • Founded 2010
  • Challenge: Quickly and accurately transfer data into QuickBooks and sync inventory to and from multiple stores and brands, plus integrate with NovelAspect
  • Solution: Webgility’s Unify automated all data entry and inventory management
  • Bonus Reconciling fees and expenses#Ecommerce Case Study: increase sales 1000% and increase order processing 83%! Click To Tweet

Some ecommerce companies are undaunted by new projects and truly take advantage of how fast moving the online industry can be. Product Bahn was originally founded in 2010 with the urls PrepareWise.com and BuyEmergencyFoods.com, starting with food storage and then expanding to emergency foods and survival gear. Unhappy with their manufacturer, within two years they started making their own food and expanded to another brand, LegacyFoodStorage.com, which sells dehydrated camping food and gear. Their latest offshoots are BannockOutdoors.com and SilverFernBrand.com which both sell healthy foods, treats, snacks, desserts, and supplements made with natural ingredients. Continue reading

Ecommerce Checklist for Success

Ecommerce Checklist for SuccessDetermined to succeed in ecommerce? You aren’t alone.

But if you take the time to properly set up your systems, you’ll have a leg up on the competition, I promise. Here’s my simple but effective checklist for success:   

  1. Define your product catalog.  Know what your differentiators are—the uniqueness of your products, competitive prices, free shipping, how your products are bundled—so that you can stand out from similar items.  
  2. Pick the right channels. If you’re selling from your own web site, you’ll need to “pull” customers to your products. If you’re selling on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, you’ll need to “push” your products, which means paying fees, and competing with pricing and shipping.
  3. Create streamlined workflows. If you’re not integrating and automating sales information into your accounting, inventory, and shipping systems, you can lose dozens of hours each week on data entry alone.
  4. Build ironclad fulfillment. A fulfillment system that is well-managed, accurate, and fast is the backbone of any e-commerce business.  
  5. Be accountable. Take steps to properly track, validate, and pay sales tax properly with a proper accounting software and data automation so it’s all timely and accurate.

It’s Official: Amazon Has Been Webgilified

It’s Official: Amazon Has Been WebgilifiedNow it’s even easier for Amazon sellers to unify their entire ecommerce business

Great things are happening with your favorite ecommerce management company! To be specific, we’ve officially been chosen to participate in the newly formed Amazon Marketplace Developer Council. Sounds big, but what does that mean? Members of the Amazon Marketplace Developer Council have a unique perspective and understanding of the small and medium-sized businesses that sell on Amazon. Through the Marketplace Developer Council, we’ll share valuable insights and feedback to help shape the roadmap and priorities for Marketplace Web Service APIs and associated tools. Continue reading

The Future of Ecommerce

The Future of EcommerceHow small and medium-sized businesses can survive and win in a world that always wants more

There was a time not long ago when you could walk to your neighborhood store to buy toilet paper. A bell would ring as you walked through the door, and you could expected a greeting from the store owner. You knew exactly what you needed and where it was located—it was all familiar. The owner, also the cashier, always remembered you. You would hand over your cash and, in return, there would be a receipt from a mechanical register printed and handed over. The entire experience was personal, simple, and convenient.

Selling Without Boundaries
Today, commerce looks much different. Walking to a store is no longer the most obvious choice. Consumers want the toilet paper on their doorstep without leaving the comfort of their couch and without paying a single penny more for it. From now on, there is no #omnichannel, #multichannel, or #ecommerce. It's all just COMMERCE. Here's how SMBs can adjust. #Unify @ParagMamnani Click To TweetThe neighborhood store from the 1970s and 80s—which was transformed into a mall in the 90s—has since been consolidated into a global marketplace accessible on a 5×3-inch screen. Now commerce consists of

  • online marketplaces—Amazon, Jet, eBay, Rakuten, Alibaba, Etsy
  • tablet POS systems – Square, Lightspeed
  • social shopping—Instagram, Facebook
  • virtual reality—Alibaba and many others in development
  • digital wallets—Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal
  • voice-controlled devices—Alexa, Siri, Google
  • same-day delivery—Amazon, Google Shopping

In an instant, customers can see reviews, compare prices, check availability, customize orders, personalize products, and buy it all from stores located anywhere in the world with just a tap on their device. Continue reading

Salute to Support: Why We’re the Best

Salute to Support: Why We're the BestValuable learnings from 11 years in ecommerce automation

Since 2007—month over month, year after year—Webgility customer support and success achieve a 98% (or better) Customer Satisfaction Rating. That’s no coincidence. Our customer support teams are the best in the biz because we care deeply about our customers and we listen.

With 11 years in business, we’ve learned a few things about the folks who use our software. What do Webgility customers care about?

  • They can always get a human on the phone
  • Their automation is set up by an expert in ecommerce, accounting, and finance
  • Webgility Unify data is constantly backed up every day
  • We offer secure integrations with the best business systems and ecommerce platforms in the world
  • We offer an “undo” button, so all posts can be undone, no matter what
  • They can try our software before they buy it

What do we love the most about our customers?

  • They are tenacious and hard working
  • They are passionate about products and selling
  • They’re not afraid to shout out their loyalty from the rooftops

But enough out of us, let’s hear it in their words:

“It’s been a pleasure working with Webgility. Thank you a million times over for creating software that actually does what you say it will do. And thank you for giving excellent customer service.”What makes a company better? It starts and ends with Customer Support. Click To Tweet

“The attitude, availability, and skills of Webgility’s customer support team are remarkably strong. I am so glad you guys are out there.”

“Webgility’s customer success team showed patience and concern with all issues and questions I had during onboarding.”

“Webgility is an amazing company with amazing software. It saved me hours of manual transactions and the Customer Success Team goes out of their way to help, and even customize, your program.”

“Huge time saver! Webgility’s Unify has saved me tons of time on manual entry of orders. I could not be more happy with the services that this solution provides.”

Continue reading