• Great feedback and questions. I understand your position and can see the gap here…let me try to address each item:

    1) Why don’t I recommend offline – because it means you need to store customer’s credit card information and/or wait to process payments later on.
    2) Why we offer offline payments – as an option for companies that use eCC for phone-orders primarily or where charging the card upfront during checkout doesn’t make sense
    3) The missing gap in the reconciliation process – If you use PayPal, eCC currently doesn’t track the expenses associated with the account so although you can capture the sales from your site, you don’t have the reconciled expenses/fees in QB..those have to be entered manually. I understand this can be tedious but its something we do plan to automate in eCC with future releases. In fact we already do provide expenses tracking for eBay and Amazon …we’ll do so for PayPal as well soon (2-3 months).
    4) Choosing between offline and PayPal really boils down to a question of time. Webgility uses PayPal as well and I find it to be less time-consuming to get the total expenses for a month and enter those as a single entry into QB. If I want to track expenses for each transaction then probably not the best option.

    Hope that addresses everything.


  • If your online store processes payment using a different provider, you don’t need Intuit Merchant Services for your online store. You can continue to use that processor for your store transactions only.

  • what if i already have a merchant services provider that will process all my transactions needs? do i still need to hire a developer to write a custom payment integration?

  • I think ecc is amazing! so here is my struggle I don’t mind doing the offline payment hassle, but my goal is to make data entry and synchronization as seamless as possible. It seems like any which way i try to compromise with this i’m screwed. If i switch to paypal, or any of the others then they don’t link up with quickbooks in a way that works easily (maybee i’m wrong here) but best I can tell it’s a lot of checks and balances i have to do manually to confirm their payment posted and to post the transaction fees etc. As much as I hate QBMS for their lack of knowledge and help earlier this year when i was a victim of a scam that they could have stopped they seem to have the market cornered on being the only ones to allow integration with quickbooks. So now the only other option i can see is to use the offline payment function you seem to have but i’m SUPER worried about why your telling us not to use something that you built? how can we safely use this feature and why specifically do you not recommend using it. What are your other customers using quick-books for accounting, and virtue-mart for their hosting using.

  • Hi, I just read texts on your blog and I became interested in the topic. I like your site and I am thinking whether I could use your words in my work? Would it be possible? If yes, please contact with me.Thanks.

  • Thank you for the compliments; however, we don’t specialize in web design. We do focus on eCommerce integration solutions for online merchants, which includes online payment processors.

  • Thanks for this. If you are on Drupal and using Ubercart, you can use also use a free gateway to connect to your Intuit Merchant Account. ECC also seems like an extremely important piece because it handles the sync. We tried using Homestead (an Intuit company) and although they tried very hard, they could not get Homestead to sync with QuickBooks (a new QuickBooks file is no problem; an established company with years of data in QuickBooks is, according to their level 2 support, a very difficult thing to successfully sync).

  • I did option #2 just yesterday because I had the same question. We just changed merchant accounts in our retail store and I asked our rep if he we could set up our online store using his merchant service. He said we just need a payment gateway. I pulled up my admin page in osCommerce and authorize.net was the first one on the list. His tech guy said that would be a great choice, so we’re on our way. I appreciate your blog post to confirm I did the right thing!