We’re proud to announce the release of Webgility Online Version 6!


First, we’ve completely overhauled the dashboard to simplify and provide better access to only the most commonly used areas and data. At the top left you’ll see a trend of revenue and expenses that have been collected by Webgility for the sales channel. To the right appears an estimated Average Order Value trend before landed costs. The bottom half of your dashboard will show your latest individual orders or batches of orders if you are configured to consolidate or summarize your sales. Click any of these date ranges of sales to prefilter, or show more to view all your orders.

We’ve merged all your transactions pages together, so if you choose to manually sync orders, refunds or fees, the pages are collocated for simple navigation.

For users with more than one sales channel, you’ll be able to easily switch between channels at the top right on any page in the application.

The left navigation has been grouped into syncing and activity pages, like transactions, products, and analytics, and configuration pages grouped for your sync settings, automation and connections. Let’s look at products.

As with transactions, if you are mapping, creating, or syncing products, all of these pages have been collocated for easier access.

Analytics remains unchanged and will display statistics for all sales channels connected. It can be found directly below your products section on the left navigation.

Moving to the configuration section of the left navigation, we’ve consolidated all of your automation settings for the channel to a single page. Remember if you are doing any of these actions manually, and you’ve tested everything out to your liking, you can always enable automation here.

Connections can be found below Automation, and remains the same. Visit this page to add new sales channels, adjust sales channel settings like order download, or product settings, or add an expense provider like a payment source or shipping service.

Finally, we’ll backtrack to your configuration settings for the channel. As with many other pages, we’ve collocated these pages to make all settings easier to access and adjust when adding a new channel or updating your process for an old channel. Many data nodes used for the sync have been updated with detailed tooltip information to clarify and help assist in understanding how the data is linked from your sales channel through to your accounts and products.

Version 6 also brings an important feature addition in Journal Entry posting for all sales channels with QuickBooks Online. This has been highly requested by accountants and bookkeepers, which is why we are happy to be able to make it a reality.