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multichannel ecommerce reporting software

Financial Reports
See It All On One Dashboard

  • Get insights on—and deeper understanding of—revenue and expenses across all stores and marketplaces.
  • See key metrics to learn which platforms and marketplaces are working for you (or not).
  • Monitor business-wide marketplace fees, expenses, revenue, order trends, and profit and loss.
  • Learn total revenue after shipping costs and the all-in profit of your entire business to improve profit margins.

Customer Reports
Learn More About Your Biggest Fans

  • Bridges the gap between your stores and customers with strategic insights.
  • Keep order-level notes about customer interactions, discounts, promotions, and more.
  • Customize customer marketing to move inventory faster based on who they are, where they live, and what they spend and buy.
  • Build brand value and loyalty by bolstering your customer service, strategic marketing, and sales.
customer reports

Inventory Reports.
Take Stock In An Instant.

ecommerce inventory management software