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Intuit will not support QuickBooks POS as of October 3, 2023, so you have a few decisions to make regarding your system. Fortunately, you have options, and Webgility can continue to support you in whichever direction you decide to go. Webgility will continue to work - simply update your plan and you won't see any interruption in your business workflows. 

  1. Keep using QuickBooks POS: While Intuit will stop supporting the QB POS product and will not offer any upgrades, if you need additional time and wish to continue using QB POS,  you can do so. You will need to establish a separate payments provider since Intuit's payment service will no longer work. You can also switch to a standard Webgility plan and keep running business as usual until you are ready to change.
  2. Migrate to Shopify POS: If you're ready to move to Shopify POS, we're here to help you. Webgility integrates with Shopify and you can quickly and easily transition to a new system without interrupting your business.
  3. Migrate to another POS: Webgility integrates with Square POS and Clover and will soon support Lightspeed. If you're interested to learn more, reach out to our sales team.

Webgility integrates with some of the most popular POS systems and seamlessly connects all your marketplaces and ecommerce platforms, so you don’t miss a beat. Webgility currently integrates with Square POS, Shopify POS and Clover and will soon be integrated with Lightspeed.

Free onboarding and support always

We're your partners in ecommerce success. Expert onboarding and implementation can get your connections set up. If you move to another POS, Webgility will help you reconnect your sync solution completely free of charge. And our customer support team is available by chat, email, or phone. The best part? Onboarding and support are totally free.


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Access Webgility and all of its robust functionality the same way you do today. No need to reconnect your sales channels or learn a new platform. Our migration advisors will help you connect your new POS, and you’ll be good to go.



Which POS system is right for me?

Based on your accounting system and where you sell online, we can help you determine your next move. Select the scenario that most closely matches yours.

While this might not be a permanent solution, this is a viable option. Intuit will not shut down your POS. They will simply stop supporting it in October 2023. However,  your system should continue to work. You will need to convert your existing Webgility plan to one that will continue to be compatible.

If you are already on the Shopify platform, then Shopify POS is a great solution for you.

If you sell on a platform other than Shopify, Square Point of Sale or Clover will fit right in.

If you primarily sell on marketplaces, you have choices. Shopify POS, Square Point of Sale and Clover are great options that can help you keep your business moving as usual.

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We want to make sure this transition is as easy as possible. Our ecommerce plans come with all the functions and features you need to run your business. Plus, POS customers get up to 30% off all plans! Talk to a migration advisor to get details and sign up.

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