What are my options?

Change can be frustrating, especially when it's unexpected. Fortunately, you have options:  

Stay: Keep using QuickBooks POS.
If you want to keep using QuickBooks POS, you’ll still be able to sync and automate with Webgility after October, but you’ll need to change plans and find a new payments processor. Fortunately, Webgility Payments may be just the solution – and might even save you on payment processing fees. 

Move on: Switch to another POS like Shopify, Square, Clover, or Lightspeed.

If you're ready to move, we're here to help. Webgility works with leading POS solutions, so we can onboard your new solution quickly and keep your orders syncing. Keep scrolling for specific recommendations or get in touch with an advisor. 



Which POS system is right for me?

Based on your accounting system and where you sell online, we can help you determine your next move. Select the scenario that most closely matches yours.

While this might not be a permanent solution, this is a viable option. Intuit will not shut down your POS. They will simply stop supporting it in October 2023. However,  your system should continue to work. You will need a new payments processor and to convert your existing Webgility plan to a compatible one.

If you are already on the Shopify platform, then Shopify POS is a great solution for you. However,  you should make sure it can meet your specific business requirements.

If you sell on a platform other than Shopify, Square, Clover, or Lightspeed will fit right in.

If you primarily sell on marketplaces, you have choices. Square, Clover, or Lightspeed are great options that can help you keep your business moving as usual.

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Free onboarding and support always

We're your partners in ecommerce success. Expert onboarding and implementation can get your connections set up. If you move to another POS, Webgility will help you reconnect your sync solution completely free of charge. And our customer support team is available by chat, email, or phone. The best part? Onboarding and support are totally free.


Keep your existing connections —
no learning curve

Access Webgility and all of its robust functionality the same way you do today. No need to reconnect your sales channels or learn a new platform. Our migration advisors will help you connect your new POS, and you’ll be good to go.

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