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Automate your accounting, inventory & shipping with Webgility

Your Accounting & Bookkeeping

Ditch manual data entry to focus on more valuable—and profitable—work.

Business Performance

Provide strategic advice to clients with valuable analytics on sales, expenses and fees, customers, and inventory.

Your Client Base and Profits

Add a new class of clients, increase loyalty, and attract new referrals.

Automate, Sync, and Track Ecommerce Data to Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Webgility's Accounting & Inventory Management Software

Connect QuickBooks to stores, marketplaces, inventory, and shipping.

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Automatically post, track, and sync all orders, expenses, fees, and shipping costs directly into QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.


Accurately reconcile your Amazon Settlement Reports in a matter of minutes with Webgility's Bookkeeping & Accounting Automation for Amazon.

Utilize the Most Advanced Inventory Management Software Solution Available for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

  • Accurately sync inventory quantities to your sales channels based on inventory availability of parts in groups and assemblies.
  • Reduce manual warehouse efforts by automatically building assemblies out of on-hand inventory when syncing orders.
  • Map products to bin locations within inventory sites to automate default pick-bins for warehouse employees’ pick-lists.
  • Quickly verify shipments and returns of inventory using a barcode scanner.
  • Select serial numbers or lot numbers on the fly to ensure customers’ order information stays in sync with your warehouse.


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Confused by Fees and Expenses? Use Webgility to Sync and Track your Costs
  • Sync and track fees from Amazon Settlement Reports and eBay Invoice Reports into QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.
  • Track your fees from PayPal, Stripe, Square, and other payment processing tools.
  • Track shipping costs from third-party shipping applications.


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Make Smarter Financial Decisions by Viewing your Entire Multi-Channel Business on One Dashboard
  • Post orders as a single transaction or group them together on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis
  • Gain a clear understanding of your financials with easy to read revenue and expense reports


Easily Manage Refunds and Cancelled Orders
  • Have control over transactions by choosing what part of an order you want canceled.
  • Automatically generate refund checks into accounting.
  • Automatically and instantly update inventory for refunded orders.


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Eliminate Tax Worries Without Lifting a Finger
  • Automatically track and validate sales tax—right down to the state and jurisdiction level—for each online order.
  • Have full confidence in your tax compliance and financial reporting across all sales channels.
  • Save money on outsourced bookkeeping and accounting.


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We Partner with the World's Best

Webgility connects with the most popular apps—like Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, Square, and more—to QuickBooks and NetSuite. It streamlines your ecommerce business and brings you insights on your sales, expenses, and customers to help you make smarter business decisions.

Customers Say it Best: Webgility Boosts Profits

"An incredible piece of business software. It has streamlined operations and allowed us to make staff more effective and efficient in their daily tasks."

Mark V.

"Saves us over 40 hours per month. The product literally paid for itself in the first month."

Chris H.

"Fast and easy online order downloading and importing. We download sales from 3 online stores and match over 30,000 SKUs. There is no way we could manually process the volume of orders we have without Webgility."

Ashley K.

"HUGE time saver! Our company has saved so much time with this product. I love it!"

Steve M.

"Time saver for my Etsy store. This program has been a godsend since I linked it to my QuickBooks online account. With the increasing amount of orders, this app has saved me so much time!"


"Prior to Webgility, we were manually entering data over and over. Now our manual data entry is almost zero. Fantastic product that works."

Richard S.