Everything you need to automate sales tax compliance for online and POS orders

Remit faster with sales tax mapping and validation

Whether you calculate your sales tax manually, use your store’s calculations, or use a third-party tax calculator, Webgility can map taxes you collect to clearing accounts or your chart of accounts in your QuickBooks. If you use a solution like Avalara AvaTax, Webgility can validate that you've charged the correct sales tax by jurisdiction.

Organize each nexus and match sales tax rates with detailed accounting

Select how you want Webgility to record sales tax, and when you post an order to QuickBooks, the sales receipt will reflect the correct sales tax rate. You can even customize the list of states where you don’t want to record sales tax. 

Eliminate manual data entry and sync orders and inventory automatically

Never mistype information again. Webgility downloads all the details from online orders and in-person POS sales to QuickBooks. No manual data entry means avoiding the most common accounting errors that can all lead to tax filing errors.

Uncover tax deductions with detailed expense tracking 

Webgility can help you track losses from inventory and other deductible expenses. Add your COGS data to QuickBooks and let Webgility post expenses to clearing accounts or other places in your chart of accounts so that you can find and segment deductible expenses. 


A leader in sales tax and VAT compliance

G2 Tax Compliance and VAT Badges 2024

Free support and implementation for tax season success

Whether you sell online or in-person, have two stores or 10, Webgility support makes it easy to set up and customize how you sync orders, inventory, sales tax, expenses, and shipping information from your sales channels to your QuickBooks. Meet with an implementation specialist 1:1 and access live support in-app whenever you need it.

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